• If god exist,

    Then god would be a total interventionist. Think of something that does not even need god. Well, everything was created by god, and hence god has already intervened in everything we know. From time to space, from science to religion, everything does not exist without that god if it were to exist.

  • Only if he exists.

    I cannot say that God is an interventionist, because I have yet to see any evidence that he exists. Also, which God are we talking about? There's a lot of different religions out there, and not all of them have the same beliefs as to what God is (or even whether there is a singular "God", capital G).

  • Well, what's the evidence for it?

    Of course, there's the possibility that God has a plan that I, as a mere mortal, cannot and will never understand. I accept that. But I don't think that God, while He certainly has the ability to, intervenes in the affairs of human lives. God gave us free will, and gave way for his own general providence- that is, to merely create and uphold the universe and its natural order. Why else would He save so-and-so from a car accident, cancer, or losing the big game, but leave literally hundreds of millions of people across the world sick, hungry, and under-nourished? Does He not love them as much as Tim Tebow? Is He trying to put them through some sort of test? Of course not. That doesn't seem fair. I don't and can't question God's motives, but that's my opinion on that one.

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