• Seems like it.

    I would be if I were him.

    Let's face it. The world hasn't been as screwed up as it is in a long time. There are 4 wars going on now, there is disease spreading like a wildfire, famine is beginning to threaten us, wildfires and drought are destroying the most sinful state in the union, America is falling.

    All of this comes at the exact same time that people begin to outright reject God, and popularize immorality and absentia as the "thing to do" for children and young adults.

    It doesn't look like a coincidence.

  • He diffidently doesn't hate us!

    God created a perfect world in the beginning, and He gave us humans a choice. We chose sin. But God never said that he hated us! He accepts us as sinners and gives us another choice, the choice to follow Him. If we are feeling that he "hates" us.... Its not that. Its that He is unhappy with what you are doing with the free will you have been given.

  • Are you stupid?

    Argue that religion has often been used to explain the unexplainable. The Greeks used Poseidon to explain how earthquakes happen, which we now know is due to the movement of tectonic plates to relieve pressure. What happens when we can prove, and you can't deny, the Big Bang theory and Evolution, which both have such large amounts of logic behind them that it's hard to deny that they are true. This is called "The God of the gaps" factor.

  • No God is not angry with the world

    More like he is filled with pity and sadness. All these events can be argued that they were started by man. Ebola, weather, greed, lust. God does not put things like that upon people they do it to themselves. Imagine if God were angered. I can see brimstone and fire raining down to kill us all. He is after all not a tame lion, but a Good one ;).

  • In all honesty, probably not:

    Overall crimes of all kinds decrease. Overall education of all kinds has increased. Overall humans are more ethically driven. Overall people are actually moving closer, not further, from what could be called "optimal behavior".

    The famine is well contained (Ebola I presume) and the main issue is not the disease but the poverty of the area stricken, wildfires are natural in that area and these are not the worst they have been, the world is in fewer conflicts than it was even 50 years ago.

    This is conjecture. It isn't even a strong point for a "coincidence".

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Mike01506 says2014-10-10T22:32:17.570
He made it, we're all apparently images of god since we were apparently made in his image. Thus he hates himself and what he's made, which if true (not that it is), is a bit pathetic really.