• Worded poorly, but the concept remains.

    Technically to be "dead" something had to be existent to begin with. Since there is not now nor has there ever been any evidence that any gods exist, no god could have been said to be "alive" in the first place.
    As a CONCEPT- I think the complete lack of evidence coupled with the rapid advancement of science closing the old God of the Gaps fallacy arguments is killing the concept of "god".

  • Implications of God?

    Let's imagine that God does exist. So he created us (millions of years ago) so that we can live and die, and then, when dead, live on forever in some sort of state. Or God doesn't exist and we appeared naturally and just die. Both suck. Why posit Gods existence?

  • According to Friedrich Nietzsche

    Friedrich Nietzsche was the original positor of this assertion. Sadly, he was a theist, which many choose not to recognize. He went insane at the end of his life and the very end of it was marked by a period of catatonic absence mentally. It was said of that period of time that he would have random outbursts of speech sporadically when he would recite scriptures he had remembered from his youth.
    I know that there are atheists who will say what never existed cannot be dead, and they have full right to hold that position. My question would be if God does not exist, then against whom does your refutation rely for your position to be valid. Who are you fighting against?
    How can a belief system's main assertion be on the basis of the nonexistence of an entity?

  • No. I don't believe God is dead.

    No. I don't believe God is dead. But I do believe many of kind, benevolent qualities we attribute to him are losing favor. Our understanding of God is painting a picture of him that portrays him in a more unsettling light. I think in some ways it's becoming more accurate.

    God isn't dead, but our understanding of God is certainly evolving.

  • God is not nor will he ever die

    The fact that science can not prove(though there is lots of evidence proving that God is alive that people choose to ignore) that God exist does not mean that he doesn't exist. Furthermore denying that God is alive doesn't make him Go away it only proves that no amount of evidence will ever convince you.

  • The God Hypothesis, according to atheists, may be flawed at its core;

    However, this question has nothing to do with the validity of theism, at least in its original form. In the late-1800's work, The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche, the author's point seemed to be that the cultural idea of God is dying, and humans will have to replace it somehow to fulfill our human desire for authority. I strongly disagree that the idea of God is dead or even dying. If anything, God may be wounded by the rise of atheism in certain countries (even in the more religiously-minded United States), but spirituality is certainly not going down in our lifetime.

  • God's Not Dead.

    No, He is the living God. He loves you, and if you ask Him for a sign that He exists and genuinely want to know, I'm sure he will give you a sign. There is plenty of proof that scientists and atheists in general keep either simply ignoring or making wild ad-hominem accusations about.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-09-06T09:32:37.243
Friedrich Nietzsche opposed egalitarianism (the view that all men should be treated equally), and the Nazis easily used his position to defend theirs; he endorsed behavior that ultimately damaged his health (the frequenting of brothels, etc). His final two decades of life were marked by worsening insanity. He suffered three strokes, which left him paralized and catatonic.

He is famous for saying "God is dead", but his life was fraught with controversy and - most would say - poor judgement.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-03T19:03:27.507
Do I sound dead?