• Only an Moron would answer this "no"

    This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children.

    For justice to exist, punishment must come to a end and fit the crime. No matter how many bad deeds one commits in this world, there is a limit. Yet, hell’s punishment is infinitely greater. It’s eternal. Shouldn’t a sinner suffer until remorse is felt and the crime is atoned for? What “justice” is there in infinite damnation?

  • Hell Yeah Man!

    God is evil in the sense of good. Think about how people portray Death. God punished those who He believed wronged Him by disobeying his commands. When He got tired and pissed, He turned wrathful. I love God. He is fair and just. He takes care of the trash, when the trash needs to be taken out.

  • Nature of God and difference between belief and faith

    This is not the argument, merely a clarification on the words I may use in it and what they mean for me:
    Fact= something that is (sufficiently) known or proven to be true:example-gravity exists
    Belief=something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion(preferably based on facts)
    Faith=A belief pertaining to something that there are no known facts about, and where there can be no known facts. A belief with no basis in the material world.

    This is my faith: There is a God and he is all-powerful, all-knowing,all-present.

    Assume an all-powerful, all-knowing god. Look at all the good in the world and infer that God is good, for there is good in his creation. Look at all the evil in the world and infer that God is evil. There is no conflict here, God is not limited by mortal understanding, just because some of us can not see how He(using he because I am male, but is generally He/She/It, gender being a merely mortal concern) can be both. Arguing that the battle between good and evil is between God and anything else goes like this: all-powerful, all-knowing VS something that is not all-powerful, all-knowing. Obvious result. Angels battle demons, God fights only himself. Good and evil are merely mortal notions, and are understanding of God is limited. When there seems to be error in my comprehension I seek error within my fallible mortal self, not within He Who Is. When I say God that is what I mean, one who is all-powerful and all-knowing, and within us all. The mother embracing her child in joy while the family celebrates, the child, the family, the mass murderer elsewhere on the planet, the thief, lawyers, husbands, healers, destroyers, creators,torturers, the wind, the trees...
    All-powerful, all-knowing,all-present, God

  • If the Christian God exists, he is evil.

    It is evil to send people to burn in Hell for eternity for any reason, especially if there is no way to rectify one's actions or beliefs. Even being a homosexual will damn you to Hell for eternity according to the New Testament. The Bible also supports slavery and the subjugation of women.

  • Epicurus' riddle

    It is possible to come to the conclusion that the existence of evil is incompatible with the existence of an all-knowing, all-good, omnipotent God. If anything has to give, it's the existence of God, because what we cannot deny is the existence of evil in the world. Essentially, either the God(s) want to do something about evil, and cannot, or they can, but do not. So they're either impotent, and therefore nothing to worry about, or wicked, and therefore not really God(s).

  • The Abrahamic God? Yes.

    He ordered genocide. Samuel 15:3: "This is what the Lord Almighty says...'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'" In the Bible, the word of God, it is ordered that witches be killed, and slavery be endorsed. He also sits idly by as thousands of people die of starvation and disease on a daily basis, including 21,000 children.

  • If such an entity was to exist then yes!

    If such an entity was real then yes, anyone who would have total control over everything, every person, and every action in the universe that would allow the kind of actions that occur every day has no other way of being then evil. This invisible man in the sky sits there as people are killed, raped, and suffer each and every day. This would lead me to make the assumption that if a god was real he would be one of 4 things; impotent, lazy, evil, or a chronic figment of human imagination.

  • A punishing God

    If hell is worse than death and God will not let you die ever, I would call that evil, no matter how bad a person you are.
    This kind of punishment does not make the world a better place, and can serve only to satisfy God's need for revenge over God's own creation.

  • Oil and water don't mix

    I have a list for anyone who is reading
    1. I believe that most people can agree that evil and good are polar opposites. They are like oil and water. You can never have them both in the exact same place at the exact same time. It is either one or the other. From a Christian standpoint, same goes with God and Satan (or evil). They cannot, IN ANY WAY, be the same.
    2. God is an all-powerful being. He can do what he wants when he wants to however he wishes to do it. "But with great power comes great responsibility." Luckily for us, he is perfect and is 100% responsible. So when bad things happen in this world, its not that God isn't big enough to fix the problem or that he just simply doesn't want to. Its that he knows that more good will come out of letting said bad situation happen rather than just fixing it.
    3. In the Bible, God orders what might seem to us as some pretty harsh things. However, if we look at the whole context of each of those passages, the people he is "doing evil to" where actually being very disobedient towards God as well as sinful. His actions were not ones of evil. They were ones similar to a father's actions. If a son or daughter does not listen to their father, the father (assuming he is a good daddy) is going to punish them in some sort of way so that they learn not to do that again. That is what God is doing. He is "teaching by example" if you will. Now sentencing them to death seems a little extreme but remember that no one truly "dies" in God's eyes because their soul comes to him to be judged. Also remember that, like a good father, God doesn't WANT to punish us but it is a necessary action so future generations are less likely to make the same mistake.

  • No, I wouldn't say it's God that's evil.

    I don't think it's even possible for God to be evil. I do think that people are capable of making false interpretation of "God's will" that can be evil, but that's all human interpretation and manipulation. I would not even think any emotion exists with God because emotion is something that is defined by man.

  • NO

    God is a belief, and exactly what you make of him. If you believe in the "Abrahamic" faith god then perhaps you could say he was evil as he exhibited a lot of genocidal, and narcissistic, qualities. That is not enough to label the complete idea of god as evil though as I am sure there are plenty of other worshiped gods around the world who do not display such wicked traits. This contradiction found between such gods makes it impossible to label the idea of God as evil.

  • God Is Not Evil, God Is Not Real

    There is no evidence out there to support that there is a god or any gods. There is probably nothing out there that could claim to be a god. However, if we are talking about the character in the bible that is the Judeo-Christian God, it would be pretty accurate to call him evil.

  • God is Always Right

    If you really believe God to be evil, then you are misinterpreting what He did in the Bible. In the debate below, I clearly demonstrate that God is always right and was justified in what He did to Egypt.


    If He was right about want He did to Egypt, God should have been able to be right about anything else.

  • No; God is Good

    I do not believe God is evil. I believe that God is inherently good, just like humans are inherently good - we are made in God's image, after all. I do not believe in a God who wants to damn his creations to hell or who causes miserable things to happen to "test" us.

  • God is pure greatness.

    Though many of you sinners and christian haters say that god did horrible things to people in the Bible, and that he isn't even real, it is all a bunch of filthy lies and I am ashamed that this list even exists. Also that you idiotic 40% say that God is evil. God gives eternal paradise to those that follow him. And those that don't are forced to suffer for their lack of faith. Seems fair to me.

  • Purpose of Life.

    We have freedom therefore we can do anything we want, God who is all powerful will never take away that gift from us. That is why God is calling us all to become "His image and Likeness" in our time today, meaning we should be God's vessel of Love instead of hate, violence, war and the likes. If all of us will be having that kind of thinking this world will be a better place to live in. God is Good and will always be Good; instead we are all evil in our own frailties and shortcomings, and we should learn that we really need God, that is why God sent His only Son to set an example to all of us, the way we should live our lives.

  • Those who see God evil misinterpret him or are ignorant.

    Countering those off so far...
    Many people argued that he is idle because he just watches as many people suffer and die. Unfortunately, this was the consequence of the people themselves. Why? God gave people free will and some of them abuse this freedom to oppress the unfortunates or are selfish and not willing to donate nor aid those in poverty or any form of suffering. THEN WHY DOES HE NOT INTERFERE WITH FREE WILL? A good leader is not tyrannical; he is democratic. God does not want to interfere with their free will because he loves us. Unfortunately, many people are very skeptic and refused to believe this. Thus, he called prophets or leaders to guide or help those in need, as exemplified by the Bible. On present day, it seems that there are no prominent figures donating money. However, these charitable people are out there yet they do so humbly thus most of the time ignored because of the many people who focus on celebrities or "trend creators".
    Though God seems be invisible, he is out there helping yet he helps when there are people who truly needs his help. However, he helps when he feels when something must be done. Why? There is a reason for everything that happens.
    There was an argument that said that he ordered genocide based off Samuel 15:3. The way the authors of this argument presented this seems to deem God as tyrannical. However, this order was more of retribution because the Amaleks oppressed the Israelites prior to God's order. God dislikes oppression thus he sets up the event or time for the Amaleksto meet their punishment.
    This was a reoccurring theme throughout history, many oppressors will eventually meet their punishments (sometimes in a horrible way). French Emperor Napoleon tried to enforce French culture upon those he conquered (ironically, he is not French) yet he declined because of his move to Russia. Nero executed many innocents. Eventually, he committed suicide because the Senate declared him a public enemy.

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