Is God good, based on his deeds as described in the bible?

  • Only God is good!

    The Bible describes a God who made a great sacrifice to redeem humankind from eternal destruction. That God has done so is more than enough to convince me that God is good.

    And that God will judge and condemn the unrepentant wicked man or woman is also enough to show that God is just, which is also good.

  • OK I'm sorry but this is really long haha....

    I have not been brought up religiously and do not hold devout Christian beliefs, so i will be unable to take quotes and examples from the bible but I think I get the gist of things from what I have learnt and heard... The way I see it is well sort a like we (humans) are sort a like god's children, so therefore god is mum and dad, god's our parent's. Now (being the eldest in the family) I've come across the same situation many times now where i was looking at my parents in bewilderment at the rules that we're law when I was a child ( and the corresponding punishments- most physical) we're now either softened up or even non-existent. Now I am not saying my parents were just absolute dicks to me but they were very strict and should i step even one hair over that line i would soon be smacked back over it! So this day I am talking to my little sister telling her how much more she gets away with and that i would have got the strap for even a fraction of the things she does..... I had an epiphany i finally understood what had happened! Now as you have probably heard- "there is no book on how exactly to be the perfect parent" because everyone is different in different situations with different personalities, so what my parents did was adapt their set structure and rules to try and get still the result they wanted but (having learnt from me) without any unnecessary rules or punishments on my two younger sisters.. Which meant an a better overall out come with them getting what they want and with my sisters operating within these new rules...

  • God is Great

    God is the Creator of all, so as creator He does His duty as He sees fit for His creation. God gave life and He can take it if He so pleases, because He is the Creator. I think some people lack to see Gods perspective on things and they see God as part of the creation, rather than seeing Him as The Creator. God reasoning is sometimes beyond the understanding of mere mortal human beings who were created and we may never why He does certain things, but God Almighty knows His plan and the reasons behind His actions. God's big picture is larger than we can think of or comprehend and He is not bound by the laws of man.

  • He punishes groups rather than individuals.

    Most of the argument I was going to cover was already said by steffon66, but I'll go ahead and repeat it anyways. God repetitively targets numerous people for the sins of one, from the very beginning. We are apparently all responsible for Adam and Eve's sin, which is unfair at the least, and he also drowned the planet (including innocent animals) when some of humanity stopped worshipping him.

    Also, being an all-powerful, all-knowing god, he should have had the power to make a human that wouldn't disobey him instead of punishing us for the sins that he could have stopped us from committing in the first place.

    And on top of all that, we have modern tragedies. Murders. Natural disasters. Disease. Famine. Why do these exist when he has the power to stop them?

    Either he doesn't exist, or he is a bad god.

  • God is the definition of good. That's what it means to say, "God is good".

    If I understand this question correctly, then I believe the answer is no. God isn't good based on His good deeds. Even in the absence of any deeds, God is still considered to be good because it is His nature that defines what good is. That is to say, the basis for God being good is not on His deeds but is on His nature which is the definition of goodness. So, it would be correct to say that God's deeds are good because God is good. It is incorrect (not to mention fallacious) to base God's goodness as defined by His deeds. God would not be worthy of God status if He was good based on His deeds. In fact, if God's nature wasn't the definition of goodness then it would become arbitrary to call His deeds or any deeds of any free willing agent for that matter "good".

  • God seems to favor some above others

    Examples of actions that God deems punishable by death.
    Striking your parents (Exodus 21:15).
    Cursing your parents (Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9).
    Breaking the Sabbath (Exodus 31:14).
    If a majority in a town come to believe in a different god. (every living creature and human is to die and the city put to ashes)(Deuteronomy 13:12-15).

    But God is (more) fair to his chosen people.

  • He punishes people for things that are beyond their control

    First of all it flat out says he does in exodus 20: 5 which says i the lord god am a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation. And its shown in the story of adam and eve where he decided that all humans would suffer from evil just because the first two people made a mistake. So everyones fate was determined by the actions of the first two people. And in the story of noah he wiped out the whole world killing innocent children and animals for the sins of the wicked. I wouldnt call this god perfect.

  • Not even close.

    Not in anywhere ever, ever is eternall torture moral, i dont believe in god or in any religion but to think about it, some people have done ethernally bad things, and some did minor almoust not bad at all things and some just dont believe in him. NONE of them deserve ethernall torture!

  • God is good, but not in the Bible

    The Bible is a collection of stories that were made to educate the Jews at the time. Jews were slaves at the time of these stories, so they won't have been educated. Therefore, they had to be taught about God in the form of stories, much like children are taught about moral values in the form of children's stories. These stories aren't true, just like the stories in the Old Testament aren't true.
    If we take the Old Testament literally, then God is an evil monster. However, God is loving and caring, and he wants us to be good people. The uneducated Jewish people of the time, wouldn't have been loving people if they weren't told that there would be consequences of doing bad things. Therefore, these stories of God being evil were made to scare the Jews into doing good things, so the will of God could be achieved. People take the Bible too literally. No Christian lives their lives exactly by the Bible. If there are Christians that do this, they let Christianity down, and they need help.

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