• WBC has signs we've all seen stating "God hates f*gs."

    The bible is full of examples of God disapproving homosexual acts. He also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah apparently due to the fact they were very sinful. They're many offenses included attempting to rape to male angels. Lot offered his to virgin daughters to be raped instead but the man refused. Lot also was seduced and impregnated his daughters. So out of incest, rape, and homosexual activity God punished only the gays.

  • God doesn't exist

    The people who created god (made him up) obviously hated people who weren't like them. Your personal god may not hate you, but the original made up one does. They used god to justify hating people, god hates you, god hates that, no he does not because he doesn't exist.

  • God is not homophobic.

    God loves all his children and everything in creation. True, the old covenant forbid homosexual sex but with the arrival of Yeshua that changed. The old covenant was fulfilled and we entered a new one based on love and compassion to all men and women. I think Yeshua was clear when he said love thy neighbor. Do not hate anybody, God doesn't hate anybody even Satan. Also, because I think someone will mention this, any quotes from the New Testament that are not Christ speaking and is Paul speaking should be ignored, as he is not God and God did not speak through him. This isn't picking and choosing verses from the Bible, but rather looking at the context and through faith if Paul was actually divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Something that the Messianic Jews reject.

  • God is not real, so no

    God is a figment of peoples imaginations so god cannot be homophobic. People who use god as an excuse to be homophobic are just using god as an excuse for their bigotry. If God was real, and the bible then became real, yes we could say god is homophobic, but like I said in the beginning its all imaginary justifications.

  • It wouldnt make sense if he did

    Think about it. If God didnt like gay people and was in fact scared of them, then why would he make Gay people look so cute and fashionably innovative? If God hates people, he would probably have made them all horrendously ugly and made sure that none of them would advance anywhere in life, yet gay people are doing great these days!

  • No.God sander e


    The prove of to be is not a notorious fact we are redemption.

    God is a fit fate no matters who. All is a remind of outcats , we are simple magic , horizons is that simple

  • God doesn't necessarily exist

    In my opinion God doesn't exist thus he/she/it can not be homophobic or anything at all because he/she/it doesn't exist in the first place. However if there was such thing as the God and i suppose we are talking about christian god and not the other x gods(x stands for unknown as i do not recall the exact number of gods and also i don't think it's possible to define the exact number here) I think he/she/it would not be homophobic.

  • By definition...No. Homophobia is an unnatural fear of homosexuals.

    A Phobia is an unnatural fear of something...No one is afraid of gay people...Especially not unnaturally afraid. Example: If I offered to place a steamy pile of human feces in your hand...Would you accept it? No? Why? Because you're afraid of feces? No? It's because it's disgusting...Which isn't a Phobia...So no...God is not homophobic...He just apparently thinks it's gross like the rest of us.

  • God's not afraid of anything.

    Homosexuality is immoral, and harmful to humanity. Need I say more? I hate that word, because it is frequently used to inappropriately accuse those who believe it is wrong or disgusting. I need more words I need more words I need more words I need more words I need more.

  • Being against a behavior does not make someone hateful

    If being against a behavior equated to hate. If that were true, all parents, or at least good ones, would become haters. Also, God does not think homosexuality is a sin arbitrarily, he thinks it is a sin as Paul explains in Romans 1 it is a perversion of God's natural plan for sexuality, which is opposite sex relationships.

  • I am an atheist but God is not really homophobic

    He created homosexuals so don't criticise your God's work for starters. But he doesn't hate them. If God truly hated homosexuality, he would have made some sort of plague to wipe them out. But still, he created them to have a choice so no he is not homophobic at all.

  • If God created all, then he created homosexuals

    God said he loves all his children, and God created all. Homophobia was created by man. God reserves his judgment for the end of your life. Anyone has a chance to be what they think God wants them to be, if they choose to acknowledge His presence. People have a funny way of thinking they know what He wants of us.

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Juan_Pablo says2014-02-23T17:43:06.827
God can be whatever the hell he wants to be. If humans can establish a culture that is peaceful, does not promote jealousy and intense anger, implements fairness and human equality, what business does God have judging something that works and is life-affirming? If monogamous, consensual homosexual partnerships are part of that culture God simply needs to butt out. A perfectly stable society should be left alone - not condemned by God!