• I believe so.

    My concept of "god" is likely different from most people. I believe that "god" is the being or force that created life, and sustains it. My concept is more akin to the Tao than to traditional western thought, and I don't believe that the Tao (or god) can ever be truly and completely defined. Essentially, I believe that we are all connected to the same life force (god). Therefore, god is within our minds and spirits, and everywhere in the world at once.

  • I have to say yes.

    I have voted yes because at one time God did exist outside our heart. There is only one way for Him (God) to exist in our hearts and that is if we accept Him as our personal savior. This being said I would have to say yes. Not to mention that God is omnipresent meaning he is everywhere at one time so even if He is in our heart He is also outside our heart.

  • We get divine inspiration from our heart

    Our conscience whom we call god's voice operates from inside our heart. For we have never experienced conscience is talking to us from outside. If this is so, then we will hear the voice of others conscience.

    Besides we got vision from inside our heart. So god is inside heart.

  • More like outside the mind.

    The concept of "god" was invented by early man to explain those parts of their world that they could not- phenomena like earthquakes and lightning. There is no evidence that any "god" man has ever worshiped exists outside of the imagination of mankind.
    Particularly not a specific, personal, anthropomorphic creator deity.

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