• The Bible says so.

    While there is really no way of knowing, the Bible does refer to God as a male, and explains that God exists in three forms: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. While the Holy Spirit offers no insight whatsoever to God's gender (assuming he has a gender), the Father and the Son are both names associated with males.

  • The Bible refers to God with a gender

    In the Bible, God is constantly being referred to with his, his being belonging to God, therefore the catholic church states that God is male, regardless of priests saying that God has no gender, as they all follow the teachings in the Bible, they are all supporting God as a male

  • This is a really poor way to ask this question.

    There should be a neutral option, because I think it's very clear that God, as described in the Bible, would neither be male nor female. Yes, followers of Yahweh refer to him as "Father", but this is probably more related to the masculine traits God exhibits. His booming voice, the power and dominance he wields, all relate to traditional ideas of masculinity and maleness. God himself has never been seen, nor to my knowledge has he ever self-described himself as male. Nor do I think such a concept would truly apply to him, as God is not a biological creature, but more of an ethereal entity.

    That said, Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh, and was quite clearly male. In that sense, I suppose God is male. In human form anyway.

  • "Our heavenly FATHER"

    "Our heavenly Father"... Not "Our Heavenly Mother." When God created humans, they were made in his imagine, and the first thing he made was a guy. If God was a girl, the first human would be a girl, made in her imagine. This is all really just basic common sense...

  • The Christian God would be, essentially, masculine.

    [Assumption is that the god of the OT/NT exists]
    Characterized as lacking a physical form, the debate must be answered with this implicit assumption in mind: that "male" may mean, not just physical biology, but a cavalcade of traits traditionally (in the tradition of the Bible) viewed as masculine– that is to say, gender norms. Undoubtedly, given the greater preference for the males, and the utter disgust for female anatomy, menstruation, etc., and the unequal laws surrounding the sexes, the god of the Bible is decidedly misogynist. As the Bible describes women as lower than men, and God as above that of men, it is safer, given the dichotomous confines of the question, and more honest to vote God male.

  • NEITHER! If God was real or did exist, God would be neither male or female as God doesn't need to reproduce sexually.

    NEITHER! If God was real or did exist, God would be neither male or female as God doesn't need to reproduce sexually, but rather specializes in the art of immaculate conception as with the fertilization of Jesus.

    What if God is actually a female -- who is also a lesbian -- still specializes in immaculate conception and wanted to have a son, Jesus?

    But because of the obvious sexism, inequality and unfair treatment of women, men in their arrogance assumed God to be a man and subsequently the Bible's translations through the years reflects this by the use of the word "He" ... ?????

    I can't say I'm right but you couldn't prove I was wrong exactly either ;)

  • A God would be Neither

    If an omnipotent being did exist, you must assume they would be gender-neutral, and free of human-like anatomy because they existed prior to the very creation of humans and the science that which determines basic human traits like gender, hair color, eye color, ect. This omnipotent God would be more of a higher energy beyond human comprehension, with a state of consciousness so supreme and complex that it would be too grand to assume an elderly man with a flowing beard is perched in the sky. Also; be logical and mindful; Christianity is NOT the only claimed word of god--many other words existed before it--so the idea that it is even male is out of the question. Especially since the past several thousand years males have been the dominating gender in societies. The idea of a female god, to them, would be far too liberating to the women whose duties they depended on to keep the spheres of their lives and communities running properly and to satiate their needs.

  • This goes down what one's book says. It comes to a personal preference per say than fact.

    As there is no way to proof god's existence. There is no evidence to even begin to clarify his existence. Now if you had no notice I used "his existence". Why, is that? Simply from culture.

    We hear it around and we stick to it. Whether it's the reality, is another story. There are many other religions who believe in a god that has no gender or is female. So really comes down to individual believes, depending on their religious literature of choice.

  • Neither. (I think)

    I'm an atheist.

    But i'll go with girls I suppose because they give birth and all...
    But even if I was a theist, I would seriously doubt that our god would have a gender.

    Why assume all life has a gender? And why assume god has a gender herself/himself?

    Seriously though, what would god even do with a penis?

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Kerfluffer says2014-02-11T23:19:37.270
The Bible refers to God as male. However, it also sometimes attributes feminine qualities to God, for example he's referred to be "like a mother hen who protects her little chicks". So I don't think God has a gender, it's just that he's referred to as a male to help us understand his nature in human terms. He is a father in relation, not in gender.
KELVIN009 says2017-09-13T18:29:01.500

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