• Yes, how else do you explain the many religions of the world?

    God is created by man to help explain the unknown. As we have learned and expanded out knowledge we have molded God to fit our needs. The ancient Greeks and Romans thought gods pulled the sun across the sky; we found out this was due to the earth orbiting around the sun and no longer have those gods. If god were not man made we would not see so many different ones.

  • On earth God is a man made deity for purposes of self gratification.

    God always seemed to resemble the people that portrayed him. To the Mayans God was a Mayan who encouraged sacrifice and cutting out hearts. To the Hebrews God was Hebrew and encouraged Hebrew customs of killing children by stoning them to death and kidnapping and raping virgins to preserve the bloodline of those who would kill anyone not Jewish so that a loving God could be pleased. To the Hindus God was also a Hindu, and to the Greek, and so on and on. If one looks at all cultures and what they had to say, you can clearly see that God did not create man in his won image, but it was man that created a God in his own image to justify their culture, beliefs, and perceptions of how life should be.

  • THERES no god, the earth was created by chance

    You know your god is man-made when he hates all the same people you do.

    "Faith is believing something you know ain't true." - Mark Twain


  • Man made god

    God is just a word made up so that life has a structure or base. God was created so that we have an answer to the unknowns. If you see god is just a word nothing else. All god does is ONLY answer what we don't know . Even though most of the people believe in God now this has made it difficult for me to.

  • People need an imaginary friend to justify their existence and order. Religion and the belief in god has done nothing but create hostilities through time.

    Impossible to prove the existence of something that does not exist! In some peoples minds there is a need to justify what they do. Conscience, morals and codes to live by are man driven. Big bang, evolution and life are scientific phenomenon of chance and laws. You cannot prove god.......

  • The Old Testament, foundation of the 3 monotheistic religions, is literature that must be seen in the context of its time of writing.

    To quote Richard Dawkins in "The God delusion": “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

  • Yes God is man mind creation.

    When man have difficulties or in crisis then he would thing that something powerful should help him. God also crested by the higher community to persuade man for their advantage.
    It is still happening now that someonef rightening other to get benefits. So we have to be clever enough to understand what God really is.

  • Yes god as wel as demons are man made

    Every religions state some DOs and DONTs for there people,
    if god want us to dont do it why should he created it.
    If u think little u will find real answer within u
    lets consider ur own mind
    whenever we do somthing wrong , we r already realise that it is wrong and even our own mind try to stop us doing it. In short we have two minds one who knows what is wrong and one who knows what is right, this explains the creation of god nd creation of demons, creation of heven nd hell.
    Second creation of holly books itself proves that there is no god if god do exist why he would wright books to show his presence,
    creating books is humans quality, when some country is created it wright its own constitution to govern it, when some company makes product they gives manuals. In the same way holly books are creation of man like constitution and manuals nd god is central entity like company nd country.
    And wright down my statement today " I am 100% Sure that god do not created this word but he will be responsible for its destruction in the name of man"

  • W8 i dont think god make man

    If god make the world why first creatures of the world won't worship anythings.I think god that is the bullshit from ancient homo saepiens that want another person to be their bootlick or afraid to them that's all i thinking XDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD xD xD xD

  • W8 i dont think god make man

    If god make the world why first creatures of the world won't worship anythings.I think god that is the bullshit from ancient homo saepiens that want another person to be their bootlick or afraid to them that's all i thinking XDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD XDDDDDDD xD xD xD

  • Evidence shows that the "man made God" premise is illogical.

    Ravi Z. States that if man made God because he feared death, then you must think about the fact that man also loves pleasure. Why would he invent a God that asks him to refrain from certain things in life that are fun. Did man want a Being to stand watch over him to condemn his actions? I would say no since so many people get so offended when they are confronted about their thoughts, actions, or speech.

  • God is very real my friends!

    There is no other book like the Bible. Those who say God is not real, have they even read the Bible? Have they compared history to the Bible (Mind blowing!)? The Old Testament prophets talked of the Messiah (Isaiah 53 just one example) being raised up, chastised, pierced, and led to slaughter. Jesus fulfilled every single prophecy that was ever written about him.

    When you read the bible for the first time, you glean information about how to live life, safely, and prosperous! When you read the bible in a bible study, or listen to sermons or even read commentaries on the internet, you gather a deeper meaning. Pray to God to open your eyes and heart, give you wisdom and Word, will reveal wondrous messages. For each passage in the bible, there is a simple meaning and a much deeper meaning. Seek and ye shall find!
    The other thing I find incredible is that, one can take certain passages from the likes of Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, Revelations (as an example) and put them together for an even deeper meaning that will totally blow your mind! These passages are written by different authors hundreds of years apart! Can you name any book in the entire world that can even do that? There is none.

    Current times: What about the Jewish people? Ezekiel prophesied about the Jewish people coming within total extinction (WWII). Then Almighty God would bring them back to Israel from the four corners of the world and will prosper them. Hmm, 1948 Israel became a state. Jews from all over the world have been, and even more so now, moving into Israel. Watch the news. Don't you think it's interesting that Hamas fired a rocket at Tel Aviv and before Israel could even get the dome up to intercept, the "wind" blew the rocket away?
    Look how tiny of a county Israel is. How come they keep winning wars against nations that have larger armies and are bent on annihilating them? Stories told of these wars are amazing and proves God is watching over His chosen people.

    The Bible says that we ALL will go to Heaven to sit in judgment, so we ALL will see GOD. The question is, will GOD allow you to stay, because while on earth you accepted Jesus into your heart, or will GOD send you to Hades with Satan for eternity. Think about it. What if YOU are wrong and there IS a GOD? Eternity is an awfully long time to be suffering because you rejected Jesus. Our lives here on earth are but a second. I for one, believe with my entire heart and soul that Jesus is our salvation! I "See" Him in my life, I watch in wonder as things fall into place that can only happen with belief and fellowship with God.
    Thank you Lord for all that you are, and for the all the blessings and answered prayer that you have bestowed upon me.

  • God is real science proves it.

    Many Scientist have been testing and searching for centuries to find logical and mathematical reasons for why some things happen that are unexplained. The majority have come to the conclusion that quantum events cannot be predicted or proven (speed of light, how far does the universe stretch etc...) All freed electron behave as if they are being influenced by an outside force or variable... This HAS been proven by Dr. Werner Heisenburg (look it up!). However nobody knows what the outside force is. Everything that comes into being must have a cause, and an infinite regress of causes is impossible an illogical therefore the very first cause is God....

  • Food for thought.

    Nothing can come from nothing. This is scientifically proven. There also cannot be an unlimited amount of causes, at some point there has to be an "uncaused" cause. Many argue the world was started as the "Big Bang" but where did the factors that cause the phenomena come from? As science pushes farther back, questions that aren't able to be answered began to come into play. This is because things begin to leave our level of understanding. As humans we want answers and go out of our way to try and create answers to everything, and always have a reason. If there was no God then we would know everything unless one believed in another sort of higher power.

  • God is real.

    I know God is real. How can He not be real if you just look at the earth, the beautiful creation, whe have food to eat, water , sun, moon, sea, then whe have the human body that is a miracle do you know Laminin? Its a molecule that holds our whole body together! And you know what? Its in a shape of the cross. Yes the Cross, so how can you not believe in God? God created us to his image you wouldn't be here if It was not for God. God owes you nothing, but still he send his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins , bit Jesus also stood up from the dead after day 3 and he went to Heaven. There is no other gods that can do that for you or has done that, because there is only One living God , and that is the God of the Bible. I believe in Him and I pray and read my Bible and I know God loves me, he has done so much for our family, and God is a loving God.

  • It would be too much work to make up

    It would be too much work to make up. If God was man-made, than what weird sad man would write a 1000 page book to explain everything. Nobody has got time for that, even in the ancient world. Also, being a Christian is extremely hard work. Making God for man would not benefit them in any way. Their life would be harder, and they couldn't experience the full joys of life. And even some of the theories to the left are unexplained. People argue that evolution is more plausible. But do you understand it fully. Everyone can understand the concept of God making man via mud and woman being made by ribs, but it's because of the simplicity people hate on it. Evolution is complex, and therefore we are drawn to it because it seems to answer all of our questions. But, it doesn't. No theory is explainable. The Big bang starts with all of the universe being compressed into the size of a pin head. Than it bursts. It could burst because the universe could be expanding inside the bubble and the pressure could be too much, but where did the bubble come from. A 'faultless' argument could be darkness causing friction, and therefore heat was made, than light, and the cooling of the flames makes ash and charcoal, and so one. That means that the universe is extremely old. Same is with God. Where does it come from? It's that simple, that we find patches and holes more easily. And to be honest, this could go onto Yes, but NOBODY HAS TIME TO WRITE A 1000 PAGE BOOK AWNSERING ALL QUESTIONS. I repeat, NOBODY! And the book was written in an ancient language. But I'm going to be balanced and write on Yes.

  • Asking this question is like asking if chocolate milk is chocolate cow made, its common sense in a way.

    Like the bible said many Gods of foreign nations have man made Gods, Like Gods of Wood and stone, Gold and silver but Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father isn't. We know this because he speaks through us each and everyday through our hearts through the holy spirit, If you seek him you will find him like I have.
    Proverbs 8:17
    I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently find me.

  • No God is not man made. Man is God made

    Mankind would have never created something that would have kept it in check and forced it to live a certain moral way. If humanity had its way they would've been done with God centuries ago when they realized the pleasures of life. But fortunately God created man in his image and one does not merely put God down. God puts us down. Thank you folks, that's my 2 cents worth.

  • God is not man-made, man is God made.

    God is not man-made, man is God made. Atheists say that God is man-made. This is how they rationalize their belief
    system. I don’t believe that God is an
    imaginary being. I believe that he is
    real and the fact that we even debate whether or not he exists is only more
    proof that he exists.

  • God is real.

    God was not "man-made." He is the supreme creator of the universe. He loved us so much, that he sent his only begotten son to save us from our sins. His son's name is Jesus Christ. You can either believe in Jesus Christ, our saviour, and you will be granted eternal life in heaven. Or you can doubt, and go to hell where you will be tormented.

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FajerBu50 says2017-02-11T17:48:29.243
Id like to know how those who voted no and explain their notion that its because science cant explain where and how everything started. Let me ask you this. Can you explain where are how God came into being??? What or who created god as a being and what or who created the initial?.....And so on and so forth. Science cannot explain it but neither can you. Science however has actual factual answers and not just theories.