• If god exist's, yes.

    If he does, then he is. Everyone has a different idea of him and there's no 'facts' I know of that you can build an opinion close to the truth upon. But if he doesn't then technically no, he can't be obscure as he's not real. In the sense that a fictional character can only be obscure in our minds. But objectively is just an idea held by people and therefore open to interpretation and malleable. Baring in mind the obvious "you can not prove he is or isn't, but the burden of proof is on the extraordinary claim", if you regard the idea of God as the leap in the first place.

  • Every one has a different opinion about god!

    How can the nature of god be known by all or most of us when we all contradict each other with our opinions on the matter? Every person has a different opinion about what god stands for what he has done and they cant even agree on f ing name of god. Clearly god is obscure. He hasnt been discovered by the living. Just because your leaders (who lie all the time mind you) gave you a book that tells you about god and that he exists does not mean you have discovered god. Thousands of religions thought the same thing but they must all be false if yours is right and yours must be false if any of them are right. Maybe the one true religion hasnt came yet. And id argue that it hasnt since no religion makes all other religions look like the work of children because its so profound. They all make themselves look like they come from children all on their own! Grow the f up and stop believing in fairytales you grown children.

  • He doesn't exist

    So he can't be obscure. Oh, wait, I need to put 50 words down here to post my opinion? That's dumb, because the best arguments are brief. As Polonius said, Brevity is the soul of wit. I shouldn't have to put a long paragraph nobody wants to read down here.

  • He does not exist

    God can not be obscure if he does not exist. He is simply something created by man to explain something that we can not understand. Thus different religions exist because people will believe whatever will make them happy. There is little to no proof of his existence and someone could very easily attribute the air we breath to his existence. If he does not exist then he can not be obscure, thank you.

  • He is not obscure.

    I believe he is real, but that is my stated opinion. Therefore this topic is not exactly an argument since we all have our opinionated viewpoints. But, I do believe that he is real consider that there is much proof on the topic. There is also much proof on the topic that he is inexistent. Technically this is all opinionated on our religions.

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GoOrDin says2014-11-13T17:39:30.650
God is not obscure. All ancient scriptures indicate God is of monotheist nature. Not contradicting any other religion. Only one Entity ever creates anything in every religion. Therefor no religions with ancient scriptures contradict one another.
In addition creation is scientifically provable and proven. Light=energy energy=movement of matter movement of matter=time time=light first day. Sky and liquid water are the same molecular compound, second day scientifically accurate. Third day is proven by the geology of the planet indicating it expanded form within itself when energy was added to it for the first time.
All this proves Abraham who was a monotheist hindu reserved factual records of the worlds creation.

In addition God has communion with his servants, which all servants can testify to, and no other can understand until they come into communion with him. This communion is physical, has spiritual effects including intuition, and reveals the most pleasing way to view and experience life.

Gods law is the only law that gives man freedoms and rights and has liberated the world form war. Prior to God's law and without God man was/is barbaric and selfish. Note the Germanic tribes worshiped in a religion with a singular creating entity* and revered the natural world as being more sacred than a man made one.

God's law told us that blood is not good for you. Hormones, like testosterone induce menopause, and other mental and physical side effects come with hormone consumption. Proving God's law is a good law.

Hippos only have two variety. One is the most powerful creature in africa and should have more than one genus, the other is so small it is not dominant over anything and should not exist in a world of evolution. A Hippopotamus's jaw is so powerful it can kill an adult male hippo, and they can sleep underwater where no predator can kill them. Yet only one species thrives in all the world. A dominant species like this would spread to avoid harm from anything that would kill it, yet they only stay in one area and do not advance intellectually.

A camel would not adapt to live in the desert. Animals die without water, they do not adapt to suite a surrounding without it.

The giraffe in any stage leading to it's current stage, would be incapable of eating. It would be a very fragile and vulnerable creature. Yet it thrives.

In addition. Animals like dogs cause sexual diseases in humans.

All creatures are perfectly suited to their environments, and no creature is in need of evolutionary adaptation. A creature dies before it adapts. Take any disaster as an example. If an animal cannot adapt in 3 generations they will all die. Thus evolution indicates all animals would be dead because they cannot adapt fast enough to survive. A successful predator would eat them, heat would kill them, winter would kill them. ~

and winter. Animals are adept to survive winter.

Fact Evolution is false.
steffon66 says2014-11-13T17:52:50.707
You make alot of claims like god has been proven and evolution is false as a matter of fact and this is ridiculous and im not even going to comment on that. Your an idiot
GoOrDin says2014-11-13T19:32:53.797
Okay, but still. The third day of creation remains a scientific fact. The Bible is the only source SAYING that the Earth expanded form within itself when energy was added for the first time. And that is geographically proven to be accurate. Simple wonder at the geography of the globe and you aught to come to your senses if you are actually searching and not scrutinizing without actual effort.
kaptonok says2014-11-13T19:39:50.367
Did you say 'liberated the world from war I have not noticed the universal peace. I seem to have missed the lack of barbaric behaviour ; on the contrary I read about barbaric acts every day.
steffon66 says2014-11-13T20:34:31.760
Ok well ive read the bible and never heard that in it. But what about all the creation story thats been proven wrong. A species cant start with just 1 male and 1 female. You would need at least 7 males and 7 females of each species to populate the earth. The earth wasnt created in seven days and most certainly didnt have life on it in the first week of its existence. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
steffon66 says2014-11-13T20:37:35.137
And religion ended war? Lol no it didnt. I didnt read all of your post because your an idiot. The organized churches of the world have opposed almost every moral progress including the diminution of war so thats false if you said that but like i said your an idiot and im not reading the rest of your post.
steffon66 says2014-11-13T20:38:33.417
Universal peace? Lmfao...
GoOrDin says2014-11-13T21:59:43.753
When a government is in power that follows the Law of God, there is no war and prosperity comes through. Then atheist get in power and start wars, are seen as weak and wars come to them, or they start civil wars. The Law of god is the only thing preventing war. Note: that all religions follow the same law of God, humility, chastity, respect*

In addition. Please explain, why cannot 1 man and woman populate the world? This will be truly fascinating.

PS. Never said universal peace. I said war does not take place where God's law is the basis for morality; "War only takes place where atheism and paganism is the basis for morality.' is a paralleled statement.
Note:* Islam is most notably represented by Muslims who according to the Quran are referred to as "pagan muslims".