• Just read His Word.

    God is everywhere. It's a thing called general revelation. This is why people around the globe who have never heard the Gospel are still judged (according to the law). I could go into a whole deep theology discussion here but long story short, God is technically "everywhere" because we can see His work all thoughout the earth. How could our blood have come to be like 44.55% Red blood cells and .45% WBC and platelets through evolution? Or how could trees have come about randomly with all their intricate designs such as their phloem and xylem through a "big bang" or evolution?
    Anyway, God is in each believer. The Holy Spirit is given to one when he believes on Jesus Christ. God is a Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It's a hard concept but it's true and I support all this 100%.
    And yes God is in heaven, but listen to this. I just gave you the answer. The Holy Spirit is here on the earth. You see, Solomon during his time didn't have God on the earth. In the Old Testament, most of the time is was God the Father who would speak to them (such as Moses, Samuel etc) and then in the Gospels it was Christ (The Son) and nowadays it's the Holy Spirit, who is actually "dwelling" in believers, which it is actually the Spirit that helps us read the Word.
    May God bless!

  • We are created in his image,therefore his presence goes forth,as you and,I Imagine a world with out The God concept.

    Capitalism is a form of omnipresence, Communism is a form of omnipresence,Islam is a form of omnipresence. Hinduism is a form of omnipresence, Buddhism is another form of God omnipresence by our actions, and mindfulness.Zen is omnipresence by its paradoxical
    ability to be absent.In the mind of man and yet be a thought that you did not have.

  • In this realm of reality

    If there are multiple levels of reality, each set off as separate by vibrations, then it would be possible that He and His Glory reign down upon where He allows. So, it is possible to be omnipresent. He is, as far as we are concerned, in this world, omnipresent. While He may maintain a more physical "body" on the plains of His existence, I believe He is spread unto His Kingdom of Creation.

  • I always feel like someone is watching meeee!

    I do not believe God is a sentient being, who uses psychic powers to judge his million of children's misgivings. I believe in a God particle, which lives in every piece of matter in the universe connecting us both biologically and emotionally. It is this ubiquitous connection that makes god omnipresent.

  • Yes, of course he is

    Do you believe in God? What do you think God would be? Humans are the only animal who appreciate this concept, and all of us know, without a doubt, that there is a God (admit it, you do). God is absolutely everywhere, and while we can never comprehend what he is, he knows what we are.

  • God is everywhere.

    I think God is everywhere because of the good things that happen in life. It's true that there is a lot of evil, but God allows these things to happen. If there wasn't no darkness, then how much would we value the light? Everyone will face judgment eventually. Everything we do is witnessed.

  • In every evil thought? No.

    If we say God is omnipresent, then he would've had to be present in every thought of Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer, Jack Kevorkian, Ted Kaczynski, The Columbine killers, James Holmes, etc, etc, etc. No. Where hate-filled, selfish, destructive, evil thinking is God is not present. According to the bible he is in heaven and in the hearts of his followers...But of course we can't even prove that other than maybe with good deeds that produce good results.

  • In every thought? No

    If we say God is omnipresent, then he would've had to be present in every thought of Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer, Jack Kevorkian, Ted Kaczynski, The Columbine killers, James Holmes, etc, etc, etc. No. Where hate-filled, selfish, destructive, evil thinking is God is not present. According to the bible he is in heaven and in the hearts of his followers...But of course we can't prove that other than with good deeds that produce good results.

  • Be careful ye Pros

    If God is everywhere then he is standing by watching children die of starvation right now and doing nothing (thousands die everyday). He is standing by watching women being raped and murdered (some of which are Christians I might add.) He was present on 911 in the burning towers while people fried like bacon. He was watch those little babies get shot by that beast in the recent incident that made national and world headlines. The world is filled with horrors that are happening while I am typing that would make you throw up and pass out and yet God is standing right there at each event watching them happen. The quote from Spiderman says it best " with great power comes great responsibility." If you say he has this power then it is his responsibility. Any loving person in his place would do no less and we are just human.

  • No - nonexistence precludes omnipresence

    A being which does not exist cannot be omnipresent. He is not even present in one place, let alone every place. Omnipresent in peoples minds? There are billions of people who don't believe in what I'm assuming here is the Abrahamic God. Should we be pedantic with the definition? An omnipresent being would exist everywhere, so physically it would be impossible for anything else to exist - whatever else was there would be a place where God was not present. Is God omnipresent even as an idea? No, as many people have never heard of him.

  • Ask God

    Before I go into my answer I would like to say something. To ( lit.wakef ) If you don't believe in God then why are you wasting your time and mine if your opinion? We already know your answer. Various religions describe God as omnipresent, a term suggesting that God dwells in all places simultaneously. For example, the New Catholic Encyclopedia refers to God as the one “who is actually present in all existing places and things.” Likewise, John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, wrote a sermon entitled “On the Omnipresence of God” in which he stated that “there is no point of space, whether within or without the bounds of creation, where God is not.”

    What does the Bible teach? Is God omnipresent, existing in all places in heaven, on earth, and even in humankind at the same time?

    Actually, the Bible speaks of God as having a specific place of dwelling—the heavens. It records a prayer of King Solomon in which he called upon God: “May you yourself listen from the heavens, your established place of dwelling.” (1 Kings 8:43) When teaching his disciples how to pray, Jesus Christ told them to address their prayers to “Our Father in the heavens.” (Matthew 6:9) After his resurrection, Christ entered “into heaven itself, now to appear before the person of God,” states the Bible.—Hebrews 9:24.

    These verses clearly indicate that God dwells, not everywhere, but only in heaven. Of course, “the heavens” mentioned in these passages does not refer to the atmosphere surrounding the earth nor to the vast expanse of outer space. The physical heavens cannot contain the Creator of the universe. (1 Kings 8:27) The Bible tells us that “God is a Spirit.” (John 4:24) He resides in the spiritual heavens, a realm independent of the physical universe.—1 Corinthians 15:44.

    What, though, of Bible passages that seem to suggest that God is present everywhere? For example, as recorded at Psalm 139:7-10, David said regarding God: “Where can I go from your spirit, and where can I run away from your face? If I should ascend to heaven, there you would be; and if I should spread out my couch in Sheol, look! you would be there. Were I to take the wings of the dawn, that I might reside in the most remote sea, there, also, your own hand would lead me.” Do these verses indicate that God is, in fact, omnipresent, dwelling in each of the places mentioned?

    Note that David first asked: “Where can I go from your spirit?” By means of his holy spirit, God can see anything and exert his power anywhere, without literally going there or dwelling there. To illustrate: In recent years scientists have been able to examine soil on the planet Mars, millions of miles (kilometers) from Earth. How? Not by traveling there personally, but by studying detailed photos and other information transmitted back to Earth by probes sent to Mars’ surface.

    Likewise, God does not have to be present everywhere, or omnipresent, in order to perceive what is happening at any point in the universe. God’s Word says: “There is not a creation that is not manifest to his sight.” (Hebrews 4:13) Yes, God's powerful active force, or holy spirit, can extend anywhere, allowing him to be all-seeing and to accomplish his purpose from a fixed location, his “holy dwelling” in the heavens.—Deuteronomy 26:15.

  • Unstated Initial Assumption/Premise

    To even discuss this question, it must be first agreed upon that God exists. This is clearly not the case. There is neither evidence that this god exists or that he is omnipresent, and I am of the opinion that something that does not exist is not omnipresent. You may also note the opposition's unsupported assertions and use of non sequiturs in defending their opinions.

  • No, God isn't omnipresent.

    Omnipresent means to be everywhere at once. However, some argue that Hell is the absence of God. Using logic, either God is in Hell, or God isn't omnipresent. I'm a Christian actually, and I believe 'the fullness of the Deity dwells in bodily form." (Col 2:9) I disagree with the traditional view that God is some transcendent immaterial force - not really a person. I believe his influence can be felt everywhere and that God is corporeal in human form because everyone who has seen Him in the biblical account has described Him in this way.

  • No.

    Kind of hard to be omnipresent when one doesn't exist eh? For argument's sake, if god did exist, he still obviously wouldn't be omnipresent. The classic example, if god was so powerful and was omnipresent, then why does evil exist? Does he not care? And if he cared, why does evil exist? It's because he's not omnipresent.

  • No bloody way

    God doesn't even exist, so he can't be everywhere? It would be like saying vampires are everywhere, same with werewolves and fairy's. It is a ridiculous notion to say something exists and is every where when we can not even prove the guy is real in the first place. O

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Sola.Gratia says2013-03-03T00:38:49.580
Friends who say no, I see your arguments... Okay, so you say God doesn't exist? Well let's use logic and reality... Does wind exist? Yes, because you feel it right? But where does it come from or do you know where its going? NO. Do Germs exist? Yes, the only way you can tell is if looked through a scientific way correct?.. Do you have a brain? Yes, how do you know though unless you are examined? Or what about if I said that you were standing in the middle of a one way street and you see a big truck headed your way, would you say, " Oh that ruck doesn't exist and so therefore it won't hit me?" Absolutely not right? Well the same principles apply with God. Just cause you can't see Him like you can't see the wind, or germs or your brain doesn't mean that they don't exist. So with that said, this may be hard to swallow, but the reason evil things happen in our lifetime is not because of God, but because of us (MAN-KIND).. It's our fault.. Not His.. We willingly commit some form of evil everyday .. Little white lie, stealing pencils or candy or pair of clothes, looked at someone to lust after them (adultery at heart), mmm the list goes on.. We are at fault and we are responsible for the evil that goes on in our world today.. If you think your better than the person locked up in prison for murder well need I tell you that I'm sure somewhere down the line in your life you've hated someone and you know what that's just as much as murdering someone just as someone who actually murdered... so your just as guilty as someone who actually committed the crime... God permits the evil to continue to fulfill the Bible.. So that in the end He gets ALL the GLORY! Because all that is evil He turns around for Good only you and I may not see that right at first.. But don't just jump to conclusions.. He is very ALL-KNOWING... He sees and hears your very thoughts from your little hearts, souls and minds.. Just because you wanna deny His Attribute of Omniscience does not mean a thing to Him except that you are blind to the Truth and will have to give an answer for that on the day of Judgement before His Wrathful Existence... You will have to pay a debt for your spiritual crimes and that's "hell",,.. the only way for anyone to acknowledge His Existence is if God opens your blind hearts, soften your hard hearts and save your lost souls.. And the only one who can save you is His Son Jesus which died and rose on the third day to take away your sins and God's wrath so that you may have Eternal Life with Him in Heaven.. I hope this clears any confusions or wonders and questions.. If not hit me back with a reply and I'll be prayerfully ready to reply with joy in my heart :) God bless you all!
Faithfully Praying...
KELVIN009 says2017-09-13T18:27:30.147

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