• I think Yes.

    Because didn't create ourselves.
    We can know that we came from "nothing" and will end in "nothing".

    What is "nothing"? We know that it is something, since it created you.
    We can know that it isn't something, therefore not bound by the rules of physics.
    And if it is outside time, then it has no end or beginning, it is endless, therefore infinite.
    And since its outside space itself, then it must be invisible in our reality.
    And since it creates you, it has to be infinitely big.
    Yet it is nothing, so small that it cannot exist in our world.

    God must exists, much like infinity.
    These are proven facts.

  • Of Course He is!

    Every single one that has voted that He doesn't exist, say that there is no proof that He exists. Well . . Where's the proof He doesn't? What in life points away from the fact that God does exist? There is none. Look into the eyes of a newborn baby and tell me God doesn't exist. And are you trying to tell me that some . . 6 billion in this world believe in some religious deity but they're all blinded by "faith"? No. It's not just faith. It's truth. And that's not evidence enough? And I know this will probably spark interesting comments and whatever else but if approximately 6 billion people believe it, God is proven. Whether you believe it or not.

  • Here is proof.

    The proof of God is in an answer as simple as Free Will. Which we do not have, and it has been scientifically proven (http://io9.Com/5975778/scientific-evidence-that-you-probably-dont-have-free-will) that even our movements are predetermined, even in biology. So with that said, if our actions are predetermined then what has set everything in motion from the beginning of time? There is no other answer than an intelligent entity setting things in motion.

  • I Think so

    It says in Psalms 14:1 The fool says in his heart there is no God. If you desire to say God doesn't exist you go against everything that ever is known to mankind. You don't one day become a deist, you are a deist at birth. You know you have a God to believe in at birth. You must one day decide you don't want to believe anymore. Even the tribes of South America worship a supreme being. It is undeniable.

  • Nature has testified so

    Romans 1: 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    Colossians 1: 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

    Hebrews 11; 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

  • God exists personally.

    Science is not a method for discovering God's existence.
    Science is the study of the natural world.
    God created the natural world.
    God is not bound by its laws nor resides in its boundaries.
    We must use other methods for knowing God.
    We must use philosophy and a personal relationship.

  • As human knowledge increases, the understanding of his creator improves!

    Centuries ago, people knew there must be a God, so they created their own idols and worshiped their own imaginations...

    Those who couldn't see with their physical eyes, would deny it all together...

    Those who thought they were very knowledgeable, wanted to scientifically disprove its existence as a physical matter...

    Today, many understand that as Art, Ethic, and human psychology, "religion" and belief in God is a metaphysical and spiritual matter...

    The issue is not Proving existence of a Creator and "GOD"...

    It is the matter of

    defining what it is,
    why did he create,
    what he intends of his creation and
    how does all this affect us as human!!

  • God is real, believe it or not

    Believe it or not, God IS real. And so is his son, Jesus Christ, who died on a roman cross for OUR sins. And people still have the nerve to say that there is no God, and he's just a fairy tale? Well, if your wondering, why hasn't God prevented bad things to happen to people? Well the fact is, that God allows things to happen to people, sometimes because it was their time, or that God takes his arms of protection off of you, and you never want him to do that. And, the thing that fake Christians are asking are, "There is no God, and that the things in space can create itself from nothingness," but if something that hasn't been created yet, create itself. And one last fact, is that one day, Jesus Christ will come back to earth again, and every eye will see him, and they will praise Jesus. So yes, I know for a fact that God is real.

  • How is God unproven?

    Saying that God didn't exist implies that we just came into existence and were not created. But if we weren't created, then how did the world itself come into existence from nothing? How can nothing become something on its own? Something that can happen, however, is someONE creating something, and that someone's existence implies that there has always been something there.

  • SOMETHING must of started our race

    The human race did not create itself we do know that. So what else? Evolution DOESN'T disprove religion as we know that something (God) created the world but we do NOT know how. As evolution cannot disprove God, and we know that something must of created us the logical answer is God!

  • No proof exists.

    If anyone happens to have proof of any god, please let the rest of us in on it!

    Seriously, this would be the single most important discovery of our existence, to turn our understanding of the universe on its head and prove an unexplainable entity that defies the most basic level of science has taken a vested interest in our lives.

    So what is it? This evidence is surely testable and repeatable in a lab, and can be dissected by even the most cruel and critical skeptics and still maintain it's integrity.

    I'm sure someone on the "YES" side will provide this evidence, and definitely won't like their own opinion piece in a desperate attempt to fool readers into thinking others agree with them.

  • The most used (and most valid) argument for God's existence...
    The flaws are numerous and they've been pointed out before...

    Time's a product of gravity, which is a product of our universe. Asking what happened BEFORE the universe (thus, before time itself) is a bad question. There's no before, no during, and there can never be an 'after'. Any reasoning or laws of the universe you can think of won't change the fact that outside of existence as we know it, we can never be sure the same logical reasoning or laws exist. If a place with no laws or even logic exists, where's the law to stop it creating a universe?

    We base 'logic' on how the universe or our perception of existence works. Trying to apply that same logic to the creation of existence as we know it is a big mistake.

    We MUST fall into the same eventual paradox no matter what your explanation of the creation of the universe is...
    1. If something created the universe, something must have created IT (ad infinitum).

    2. The only way to question existence and fix the above paradox is to assume that at some time, nothing existed.

    3. If nothing existed... Then NOTHING - EXISTED. Simply put, inexistence can be thought of as a paradox. If nothing exists, including laws forbidding things from being created, then basically everything is still possible. Heck, in a multiverse, a universe could surely exist where God created another universe, right?

    So far supports *possibility* behind God theories, because God requires the very same "no laws" paradox (omnipotence). To say that unlimited power can exist in a God is to say that unlimited power could also exist without one.

    4. If nothing created the universe (which is TOTALLY possible in a place where no universal laws exist forbidding it - and this must be true since nothing exists here at all), and not to mention, in a place where our universes laws don't exist, our logic doesn't apply, thus people who insist that something can't come from nothing are at most disproving the possibility of OUR universe creating a universe - IF our universe happened to be empty (which it isn't).

    5. This would all be indicative of the small possibility of 'God', if it wasn't for the definition God has been given. God is described as a conscious, sentient being, which makes little sense given consciousness is another product of our universe - even then, it's still possible if you open your mind to multiverse theory.

    6. With no laws, God *could* exist, but so can an almighty sheep or a cow, or simply just the universe itself. While, with this logic, I accept the *possibility* of a God, it's still blatantly unlikely for many other reasons. Mostly, that less complicated possibilities exist. So all religions are equally possible.

    7. Since nothing can be proven or disproven, we can only guess by probability.

    Will continue in the comments...

  • I believe God is real, WE can't prove it though

    I'm probably one of few Christians that would say this, but it's simply not proven, unless you can prove it to me. Can we see God with our own eyes knowing he's God by proving different things to us? Has Jesus returned proving he's the son of God by walking on water? Clearly not-- however, it's something called faith that Atheists obviously can't understand by you bashing it in their faces. It's much stronger than any man made concept of proof. There is in fact evidence of the bible, miracles do happen that doctor's cannot explain, the universe is too detailed to happen by itself on accident. Nobody said the big bang theory didn't occur, but it's illogical to think that the universe put itself into existence, we would simply be robots, it wouldn't be possible for us to evolve. There is a lot of evidence showing many of the historical events in the bible could definitely have occurred. It's the relationship, doesn't mean we don't have doubts, doesn't mean we don't think about it. It's just a different type of person, if you don't feel you need God, obviously you're not going to believe in him and have a relationship with Jesus. No one said science and creationism cannot coexist. Atheism is a religion because you put your faith into believing theories, things that haven't been proven, although those things you're putting your beliefs into have no substance, no core. How is it that the Christian God is the correct one? You may ask-- well many religions came after Christianity, putting many similar events into their holy books, just changing them up a bit. Many religions other than Christianity don't promise God is always forgiving, always loving, will save you. There's no real relationship, I'm not saying it's not real for them, it can be. However, what they're putting their faith into, doesn't promise everything. If there is a God and Devil, then good and bad need to coexist. You blame God for the bad things that happen in the world, claiming the Christian God is a liar or doesn't exist because of that, but in fact he doesn't cause everything. He turns the bad into something good, necessary to grow and learn. However, he gives us choices. We're not robots, he knew what would happen, it's all apart of his plan. If the devil didn't exist, sin wouldn't either. Read the bible before you make horrible accusations about something you have little knowledge on.

  • No Proof, and yes I know thats what other people put as well but still

    My argument is no proof, and just saying he created the natural world or just saying look into your new born baby's eyes is not proof because here is something what if that baby died from sids would that be the work of god. Why doesn't god save that child?

  • God isn't real

    There is no proven evidence that God could be real. When Jesus died on the cross (if so) he came to be to life (apparently). How is there any way that someone could come back to life, and especially as the same person. So I stand corrected God isn't real.

  • One cannot prove God

    If one were to offer the most convincing argument for God, they could not prove He exists. The reason is God takes Faith, something based on Faith cannot be proven. If it could be proven then it wouldn't be called Faith anymore. On the other hand, if it isn't based on Faith, then there is nothing to believe in any more. How can one believe in the Resurrection of Christ, for instance, when never once have they seen a dead man rise from the grave, nor have they seen a man-God. Thus all reason tells us this is impossible, but the Christian believes it is not--this is Faith. Not proveable.

  • There is no evidence for God's existence.

    This is pretty simple - there's not even any evidence that a God exists, so to try to prove one for sure would be absurd. Of course, you can't disprove a God either, but you can't really disprove anything. However, I would love to be presented with evidence for God.

  • There is no

    Evidence that there is a god. There are some philosophical arguments out there, but I have yet to see one that is sound. God is an unnecessary hypothesis that has yet to be supported by evidence. The best "evidence" there is is anecdotes, but anecdotes cannot be taken as being objective evidence.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Of Course Not

    I am surprised that anyone could ever in their right mind vote yes on this one. One of the largest aspects of a faith-based proof in God is that you have to make the leap of faith and believe because God's existence cannot be proven. "Proof" requires scientific methodology. There is simply no such methodology that can prove the existence of God. Furthermore, the being most people think of when they refer to "God" is a human inspired creation with human emotions and in human's own image.

    Stop being so closed minded. We are well-beyond the time when things can only be explained by claiming they are the work of "Gods" or a "God." It's time for the world to start educating themselves.

  • Of course not!

    It is quite obvious he is not. If I went and wrote a book about how Bart Simpson created the world, would I convince 2 billion people it was true? Probably. My point is that all laws of physics, chemistry and biology disprove him.
    Yours sincerely,
    A person who knows a lot about science.

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Logical_One says2015-01-14T16:06:33.400
Well I guess Flying purple monkeys are real because there isn't any proof that they don't exist. Proving something is real does not result by stating that one has no proof that it doesn't.
WorldSkeptic says2015-12-05T16:49:04.233
Very well said brother, now we only have to remind 98% of all religious folk that a positive claim has the burden of proof, and rejection is the default position. I'm so tired of repeating the same thing over and over again, it's so obvious! Ex #2: Leprechauns exist. "Can you prove that?", "No, but you can't prove that they don't exist, so I'm right.".
Retaliation says2016-02-08T19:34:53.180
I do not think he is real
XxXx_codfaZelord_xXxX says2016-02-22T22:54:07.487
Let people believe what they want to believe. If you want to be an atheist, fine, but don't force everybody else into your non belief.
Neda2560 says2016-05-15T14:26:21.813
There is no proper proof for god existing. Nor is there much evidence for the big bang (even most science videos just go to the point of the actual big bang and say that they do not know how it happened).
So I guess we should be neutral and not really care however we came to exist. I mean, it isn't really any of our business XD