• He died for us on the cross.

    Jesus is real. Who would die for you on a cross? Not your friend or your Mom or brother or sister. Jesus loved you all so much he did not care about pain or suffering because he wanted all of you to be forgiven. There is proof that he was here on earth. There are documents of him somewhere in Bethlehem. Before you say anything pick up the Bible and read.

  • So what started it all?

    Science is able to tell us only so much about this life and earth. Most of it are theory's that are very convincing. Even if science is real...
    Scientist can't explain Life!
    What really started it all...
    There are things we don't know...
    no one has ever seen GOD
    (christian perspective) so from what we know
    God is the creator of this universe..
    If this universe was form out of a probability
    why aren't humans born out of a probability?
    why is it that we are created so perfect..
    like we were supposed to be a certain way
    our body parts are all in a specific location (most)
    our eyes aren't floating on our stomach
    or our feet on our head..
    we all have this heart that keeps us alive...
    how the ancient people were able to build pyramids that we can't even build with the tools they had?
    the all knowing creator or this universe..
    I do believe in God because I have witnessed miracles,
    things that can never just be luck...

  • You say there is no evidence but I say...

    Stupid know it all scientists believe what they want so they can do what they want. But the reason they don't believe is because they are scared. Scared that they will only be able to do what God wants. But no God gave us our own free will. We can do what we want. But even though we will be punished by God that is better than eternal death in hell. Now to my main point. Scientist's "theory" is that the big bang alone started the universe. But they believe that and yet there is no evidence of the big bang. Did they see it? No. It is a theory. God is all around us. He performs miracles that science can't even explain. So scientists not wanting to admit that God is greater then them make up "theories" that they cannot see. And still scientists and stupid people who know nothing say "God does not exist because we cannot see him." COME ON! Did they see the big bang? Did they see evolution? Did they see dark matter? They see less than we do because we have God. So my answer is Yes.

  • Atheist can't argue this.

    An atheist will never choose to believe; they will only believe when they see. God then won't be known to an atheist because he or she chooses not to believe. Atheists also haven't tried to believe in God. That is like saying you don't like a food before you try it. Atheists can't argue that God doesn't exist.

  • Why the Problem?

    I don't understand why people can't just let us believe in God without a constant challenge. For us peaceful Christians, it isn't hurting anyone. It gives us a feeling of hope... I can only imagine how sad it must be to not believe in anything. You must believe you have no purpose in life. That is really sad. I can understand if you don't believe in God, because it takes really strong will and faith to. However, look at it this way: If I am wrong, I'm going to the same place you are--nothingness and just plain death-- but if I'm right and you are wrong.... guess where you are going?

  • Indeed

    Well look at it this way. God does exist, and he made this world. There are people out there that deny his existence, only because they're too scare to answer for their sins. There's too much beauty and majesty in this world, let alone universe, to think that everything just kind of fell together. Everyone knows God exists, they just hate Him. Pretty simple.

  • Absolutely!

    God exists, whether you choose to believe it or not. If there was hard proof of His existence, it wouldn't be called faith, it would be called fact. There are no inconsistencies in the Bible. The people living in the Old Testament lived under a different law than the people in the New Testament. When Jesus came along, he became a sacrifice for all the things we did wrong. This meant that animal sacrifice wasn't needed anymore. God made the world perfect. It was us who messed up. It's our fault that things go wrong and almost a billion people are starving. We can't blame God for that. Just because you don't believe in God, doesn't mean He doesn't exist. He is everywhere if you are just willing to look. It's like the wind-you can't see it, you can only see the effects of it. But just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If I refused to believe the wind was real because I didn't have any proof, that wouldn't mean that the wind isn't real. In the same way, God is real and all the evidence points towards that if you are willing to open your eyes and look.

  • God Can't make everyone believe in him.

    If God today cured everyone of cancer, people would not think it would be God. They would think it was a medical miracle. There would also be accusations of God respecting people, such as why didn't he save person A but not person B? God can't prove himself. Atheists argue that if God were real he would prove it but that is impossible

  • Science is man made

    If you argue that God is man made, then you are making a completely ridiculous argument. Scientific laws are created by men! That is man made! Sure, people accept science because it makes sense. So does religion to all lot of people. Atheists make arguments that contradict their beliefs all the time.

  • Look at the miracles

    How did many miracles happen. The shroud of Turin, how is it possible that the bilirubin and ot
    Her things survived this long without the help of God. There have been miracles that happened recently that are unexplained by science these are not just coincidences they are evidence that God is real

  • No

    God is not real. Im sorry to all you Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims but god isn't real. I don't feel any better by the fact that god isn't real (it would be great if he was) but it's just not possible.
    1. I don't think God just picked us as the worlds stewards, it's unreasonable to think we are the higher ups on all the animals because we evolved down a different course than them. Plus, with Global warming and the residue of nuclear explosions we are horrible stewards XD.
    2. It's said that God made us like him. But isn't that kind of selfish and well, human to think that? I mean, the fact that god looks like us is pretty much a fact that the bible (or whatever book you read) is man-made. Completely man-made.

  • God is not real

    Some invisible guy floating in the sky (near airplanes?) and letting all bad things happen to a bunch of idiots that believe in him. But for atheists, they believe.. They believe everything on Earth came from one cell? Where did the cell come from? What proof do they have about all this stuff they say about the universe?

    We laugh at stories in the bible yet books in school are teaching things atheists have no proof of either. Why does only Earth have life? Why were the dinosaurs killed? What happens when we die? I mean if we're going to laugh at one side I think it's only fair to see what the other surely has to offer as proof for not only their reason but proof of it existing.

    So prove to me why the bible is wrong, why atheists are right and how I can test it. I want to test right now why God isn't real but I evolved from a fish and monkey a trillion years ago.

  • No evidence at all

    All right lets look at some basic arguments in support of God

    1. Moses and the 10 plagues?

    Yes it happened, but not the way you think. The ten plagues were a natural event which is predicted to happen every ten thousand years or so.

    2. Jesus

    I, unlike some, don't believe that Jesus was some crazy person. I think he was simply a brilliant doctor who was able to heal many people through his innovations.

    Now here are some fact disproving God

    1. Primitive explanation

    God is a primitive explanation for those who don't understand or can't explain the unknown. This mind set looks a bit like this:
    person A- "hey, what is that bright thing in the sky which seems to allow us to see and keeps us warm?"
    person B- "Must be a God"

    2. Evolution

    It is clearly shown through fossils that evolution did take place. And people may think like "so you're saying I was once a fish?" and I answer Yes. Over a few hundreds of millions of years, we went from fish to amphibians to reptiles to squirrel-like-mammals to monkeys to apes to humans.

    3. Our bodies

    You know how (according to the bible) we were meant to live forever, and because of Sin we became able to die? Well than how come the world around us is built for survival. Why would our bodies have a digestive system, or immune system, if there we didn't need to eat and disease couldn't kill us? Why are so many animals made with razor sharps claws, teeth, or poisonous? You tell me.

    Sorry to those who think I'm rambling on about the stupidest things, this is mostly just a way for me to vent my feelings. So those of you feel this way, this is best ignored.

  • No

    There is no evidence that states his existence. The words on a man-written book does not suffice. Just because someone wrote something does not make it real. If this were true, hell, sign me up for Hogwarts!

    There are even more reasons. God is known as the all powerful and all knowing. Why does he not give us all the knowledge he knows so we can live in a peaceful society? If he is so powerful, why can he not stop a plane from crashing down? "God works in mysterious ways." Just makes him look like an evil guy. He lets people die because of his "ways"?

    And if he is real, why has he killed more people than the devil himself? God = about 25 million. Lucifer = 60. Just 60. I think Lucifer should be God since he spared humanity more than God himself.

    Those who say that you need faith to 'see' doesn't help a man regain an arm. Faith does not prevent the death of thousands. Faith causes war. It causes famine, racism, and pure ignorance.

  • Lets state the facts

    Okay let's begin by stating some facts.
    God is said to be the first person alive. The reason for humanity.
    God supposedly created the earth within 6 days I believe.
    God had a son with a woman and they named him Jesus. But despite the fact that he is... Well, God, he and Mary were forced to give birth to a child in a manger.
    Lets put this into perspective.
    Science has physically proven that there is no solid evidence of anything the Bible has described God to be.
    The pyramids in Egypt took approximately 3 thousand years to build. 3 thousand. And God created a world filled with billions and billions of living, breathing organisms. With his own hands in only 6 days. Simply illogical.
    A good analogy for the birth of Jesus would be...
    Say Channing Tatum and his wife, in excruciating pain, went into a hospital, but only to find there was not a room to spare. They are forced to give birth in a parking lot, granted, the analogy is a little shaky, given the technology our modern world has provided us. But think about it. There are loopholes in the big book. If God created the world, why wouldn't he create a place for Mary to give birth? Why wouldn't he end wars?
    Why wouldn't he make a world without a sin?
    I'm not here to bash your beliefs or ruin your Christianity, just look at the facts. These are just a few.

  • God is just a catholic religion not a scientific discovery

    God is a religious thing not something proved by mankind. If he created the earth the sun and all the animals and Adam and Eve then the dinosaurs would never have existed because he made the universe on the time of just six days and the Noah's ark thing where it rained until the entire earth was flooded and how Moses separated the Red Sea to save the Hebrews from the pharaoh of Egypt--all impossible.

  • Is santa, Zeus, or the others?

    If growing up you were told that santa was real then you obviously thought that he was and did not know that he really isn't and in your mind you made up different things to make sure that he would stay alive in your minds and in the minds of your friends too by saying that he had help wioth the toys that he makes and that he flew and was magic! Well, you are doing the same with god. Making up things to make sure that he stays alive in our immaginations! Sorry, but no, he is not real.


    God is not real. He was a way of explaining why things happened 2000 years ago to people who wanted answers but didnt have the means of finding them out. The bible is man made but if people claim the bible is the word of the lord then why are so many things in it wrong? God isnt real. Its scribbles from a drunk mad man if you ask me a long fairy tale.

  • Not in my opinion.

    First, there are any arguments against god, like that he cannot make a round square or the argument of evil. Second, although there is much unknown about the universe, just because that there is no explanation for something does not mean that you must fill in the blank with a supernatural being. Third, if the universe is created by an all knowing creator, why are there things that are not at all perfect, like childs born with disabilities? Forth, just because the Earth is "perfect" does not mean there is a God either, because if you change the perspective, the humans might have evolved on Earth because it is suitable for life, not that God made the Earth for humans. Fifth, if the collision that created the moon did not happen, we will not be here (addition to the forth argument.) Sixth, the universe is vast and life only evolved on suitable planets because they cannot evolve in somewhere really harsh, and not that life appeared so God made their place perfect afterwards.
    In conclusion, there is not enough evidence for God's existence. This question, in my opinion, is so complex that it cannot be answered by most.

  • ...but you cant just fill in the blanks!

    Many may attribute the existence of god to all the areas where science falls short. It is said that god must exist because certain things can not be otherwise explained and that science, with all its muster, is stubborn (ok that may be true).

    But science knows that it does not know everything other wise it would stop! One can not simply fill in the blanks with 'divine prospects'; these gaps are not yours to fill, as these gaps are not meant to be filled in the first place. The difference between religion and science is that while religion would prefer to patch every gap and every space which hints at a different perspective, science (on the contrary) sticks a shovel in these spaces and digs further in the pursuit of reason. This is because science is not afraid of what it may encounter nor of all the questions that may arise. Science searches for and embraces questions while religion provides a hasty answer. 'But it is not the answer that enlightens, but the question'. And that is why science is true enlightenment.

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Josiah says2013-07-24T15:38:06.803
I am very sure that God is real. The main reason why is this: our human body uses chemical concentration gradients to send nerve impulses. Evolution could not have done that. I encourage both side of this argument to do more than just try to prove their side right, but be open to all arguments as a respectable opinion.
Anonymous says2013-09-21T23:23:03.707
The existence of God which has predetermined your eternal destiny in Heaven or Hell before you even know it yourself is the epitome of the anti to all truly American values. When your fate is already somehow predetermined by a supernatural deity, there is no freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom to do what you believe you should do.
Anonymous says2013-09-24T08:37:15.973
Man people question whether God is real or unreal. Being the Christian I am, I believe he is. But many non-believers don't want to accept the fact that there is a higher power. Some may say "If God is real, then why does he let good people die?" My answer, "All things happen for a reason. And how can you expect God to save someone who has never prayed to him nor even gave him the time of day? God will do his will, whether we like it or not. " You may wonder why so many things go wrong for Christians, well because there is a Devil in hell, he strives to make sure we sin and do wrong, so we can go to hell or die. The devil hates everyone, but mostly Christians who worship God and are ensured eternal life. We are targeted, though we go through many trials, as have I, I stay strong and remain happy and continue having faith. Because God won't fail me. He's spoken to me, gave me dreams and told me I was to be a missionary and spread the gospel. I don't judge others, I choose to love and forgive while following by the bible and God's word. Jesus died for my sins, and I love him for that. And when I enter heaven, I will walkthe streets of gold and have everlasting life with my Father in heaven. I will never change my thoughts or beliefs. So don't judge me, and see me as I am. A Christian who loves the one and only God. ^-^
AceWild says2013-11-13T14:08:25.167
God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how something works, you get some laws which you're taking away from God; you don't need him anymore. But you need him for the other mysteries. So therefore you leave him to create the universe because we haven't figured that out yet; you need him for understanding those things which you don't believe the laws will explain, such as consciousness, or why you only live to a certain length of time- life and death- stuff like that. God is always associated with those things that you do not understand.
Im_Intelligent says2018-02-27T17:28:23.057
Creationism, because reading one book is easier then alot of hard ones.
N7733 says2018-08-13T21:19:41.753
I am positive God is real. Look at the way the universe runs. If the earth was closer to the sun, It would burn up. Like wise if it was farther away, It would freeze. Also, The way the universe is expanding points toward a sudden, Explosive beginning. How could the complexity of the universe, The precise planetary orbits come around by random chance.
Vazboy2002 says2018-11-24T05:56:27.277
If God exists then why does the Christian's have to push others to join them according to the end times he who believes in God shall become kings of worlds and if that is the case wouldn't it be less kings the more you have and also kings of what? God according to christianity only made us as intelligent beings but if that is the case why are we trying to be kings what will we rule over. . . I am pretty sure we rule over everything on our planet that has a intelligent mind other than dolphins which Also goes against that since they are more intelligent using 15% of their brain while we use 12% at most last I heard.

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