• God is real.

    My question to anyone who does not believe God is real is why? What books have people read where the author lays out evidence for the existence of God? I'm sure at least some people have read some before concluding that God is not real or there is no evidence for God.
    After several years of studying this question and listening and reading both sides to the arguments (including top Ph. D physicists who were originally atheists), There is compelling evidence that God exists.
    So I am curious how much time people who don't believe in God actually spend on researching the possibility that he could exist? Or do people not even care to truly find out? Because if someone truly wants to know, They have to be open to the fact that what they discover could reveal something entirely different than what they believe. Not many people are open to that or like to even think they could be wrong. Before all of my research, There were many things I had strong opinions about, Things I was even angry about (about God, Heaven, Hell, Etc, Without ever really looking into any of it). I came to the point where I truly wanted to find out. And to find out, You research both sides, Even the side you are so strongly against.

  • Yes, Our Heavenly Father Exists

    Every single culture in the world has some kind of religion. Even ones that have been isolated for thousands of years. Our brains are hardwired to seek out the Divine. God Is the Great I Am. He Was. He Is. He ever Shall Be, World without an end. Amen. Amen.

  • Prove it then.

    If god is so real and god touched your wee wee then let me see god himself. Let me see heaven and hell. Let me see a soul/spirit. Let me see an angel. Until then im not going to believe some biblethumpers who want their fantasy story to be reality. Cry snow flake

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