Is god real or was the earth created another way?

Asked by: Dumy15
  • Yes God is real!

    Look around at the trees, parks, oceans, lakes, ponds, animals, even you! Is there any other possible way that the Earth could have been created?! Has any scientist made a human from nothing? Or what about an animal, or even a plant. Without God, nothing would be were it is. I would not be here responding to this question. You would not be here asking this question!! Just look at Creation for your answer.

  • Of course he is REAL!

    Everything in the world that is beautiful was made by God! Florida, California, Alabama, and Indiana are all great. But all evil is created by the Devil. Obviously the beauty in us is always created by him. We are all beautiful !! This shows that God is real. Any reason, why not?

  • Oh yes he is

    About just as much as we want your crazy conspiracy theories about "there is no god", what a maniac, oh well, you can take your crazy theories, and your maniacs in wheel chairs and go to the crazy house!

  • God is real

    Look around you. And look at the precision of the universe. The chances of that randomly happening are pretty much zero. If we were just a little bit too close to the sun, or just a little bit too far away, we would all be dead. But yet, everything is very precise. That does not just happen. God is the creator of the universe and wants his people to love him back, just as he loves us.

  • God is absolutely real

    The universe simply could not have been made my sheer chance. It was made by a creator intentionally. The odds of human life starting on it's own are just as low as the odds of throwing a bunch of scrap metal into a hurricane and having a fully functional Cadillac come out.

  • God is real.

    Whether you accept the god of Abraham or of some of other origin, it is all the same. God is a reality and what we observe verifies this daily. To quote from the Bible, the book of my faith:
    The foolish one says in his heart: "There is no Jehovah." (Psalms 14:1)

  • God is real

    Why would Peter die willingly die if Jesus did not prove himself to be one with God? There is fighting and hardship in the world because he gave us free will and many choose not to believe in him. The universe couldn't be created by chance. You will all see.

  • God is Real

    God is real, the universe would be chaotic and destroy itself but it doesn't because something (God) is there to prevent that from happening. Also it is mathematically impossible for life to come from a nonliving "pit" of primordial soup it's just too random for it to be mathematically possible. Last if the Big Bang happened where did that super dense matter come from? So, this points to an intelligent creator.

  • God is real

    God is real no doubt about it He gave us life He gave us the heavens God is the great almighty He died for us He made the World in 7 days, He worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day God gives us all hope so all of u need to check yourselves on the left side of this page thank you Jesus, God , and the great almighty

  • I just do

    Yep sorry guys i don't know much but i hope its enough. Gods real. No more questions please. Or i should just leave sorry for your time . But wait god made earth. Well who cares anyway we're all still alive right that's why i'm thankful so yeah. Good day

  • No, God is not real.

    The idea of God was created by religion in order to control the masses and make them do what they wanted them to do. Everything, absolutely everything can be explained with science. The idea of there being a God above us all was created to cope with and explain our existence.

  • No, God isn't real

    Humans? Animals? Nature? Where'd it all come from? Not God. The earth was created from meteors and crap coming together. Nature made itself, if you know what I mean. Animals then adapted to humans. The idea of God was created by religion. Everything, can be explained using science and math.

  • Where's the perks?

    Frankly, if God existed and really cared whether I believed in Him, he would be trying to convince me as such, since if he truly loves all Creation he wouldn't want me to burn in hell. Since I have yet to receive a sign, that would either mean that he hates me (his creation) or doesn't care. Either way, God in the Bible doesn't exist. I don't think there's any God, but that's just me.

  • What is this? I don't even . . .

    You believe in creation because one person wrote about it in a book? He provided no evidence of creation. At the same time, genetic and functional similarities between species is strong evidence of evolution. You would choose to believe in an unproven story rather than a theory backed by hard evidence and data? I see nothing for humanity if that is the case.

  • Where is your proof?

    If God was real and he made everything perfect than why would we be fighting over and over again. It doesn't make any sense that there would be wars or anything of the sort.
    When was the last time a miracle happened? About 1975 years ago. And even then that miracle's existence is questionable.

  • How can God exist?

    Need I say more? At what point did god come into existence? Why does he have so much power? Who created god if he created the universe? If god created the earth, then why does everything else exist in the universe? The facts don't add up at all! If he wanted us to know he was the master creator then why would he make us in the first place?

  • God in not real. Just sayin'

    Humanity has a natural urge to come up with stories of ultimate creation. All religions do so. But we can never be sure. Even still, there is so much evidence that god can not possibly be real. The Bible and other holy books and stuff were created by people who we know little about.

  • NO, I do not think that "GOD" is real.

    I say this because of the fact that well when I read the bible I thought to myself how can a Guy have a kid with another GUY its not possible. Also, I think that god is not real because of the fact that well how can someone walk on ice without falling??????

  • God isnt real

    There is no evidence for god. There is no evidence for creation. The bible is not evidence. People need to learn that. Until there is evidence for god, I will never believe in that god. You guys on the left side of the screen all need to read yourselves a real science book.

  • God cannot be real.

    When we carry out a reality check we find that there is no evidence of a God or Gods. God is a creation of the imagination of mankind and a fictional character. God has been invented to answer the unknown and as and when humanity gains more information and knowledge he finds that there are evidences for physical phenomenon like big bang which occurred some 15 billion years back in the form of background radiation. But not a shred of evidence of a supernatural power which is supposed to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

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Mambomaseko says2017-02-13T10:11:17.167
GOD is really ,If God wasn't real there would be no miracles for examples pastors pray for blind people and they can see.Some crippled people after a prayer they can walk.That show that God is real.Science can't do this miracles ,and some people will come up with the argument that satan is the one doing this miracles.So just ask yourselves where is satan coming from .I guess your answer is in the bible .God is real .Just ignorence covering human's minds.