• Scientifically huh? Right.

    Firstly, the supernatural and the science world are too different categories. You cannot scientifically prove that God exists, but you cannot scientifically prove that he doesn't. Just because you can't put something in a test tube doesn't prove that it is nonexistent.
    The supernatural world cannot be probed by science. So therefore, the existence of God to the skeptics, remains uncharted water because of its inability to test.

    There are some things in this world that you can't "prove" using "modern science". There is more to this world than the material stuff. One does not have to be a grade-A scientist to realize it.

  • Nature teaches us that there is a governing force and rules over all things

    Nature teaches us that there is a governing force and rules over all things, which ever form that supreme governing force that enforces those rules indomitably exists in is god. History, prophecies and current life demonstrate that such a force exist and confirms for me the existence of god plus I have my own personal experience with divinity.

  • Well, technically, yes...

    'God', irrespective of whether such a deity exists, exists as a collective concept within the Abrahimic religions, and that concept and corresponding belief systems dedicated to him. To argue a wider existence is irrelevant as this communal conception exists alongside these beliefs and in the collective consciousnesses of the adherents. Also, to kill an idea is difficult in the short term.

  • Gods not dead

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  • I believe there is a God.

    Faith can be a beautiful thing. There is something... Very pure about believing something you can't prove and not feeling like you have to prove it. Sitting in the sunlight and feeling that perfect warmth on my skin or observing a spider web glint in the light, I personally feel a sense of something bigger than myself... The divine. Not necessarily the Christian God, but... I believe that there is a force greater than ourselves that one might call God. I can't prove that, and I don't feel like I have to.

  • Scientifically, it's No.

    Superstitions are the things that people believe without a proof and are obviously not based on facts. Therefore, God is a superstition and there's no place for superstitions in this modern era and in minds of those who think practically and logically.This superstition was formed just to help during fear.

  • Technically not "dead", but never "alive" in the first place.

    There is no evidence that any of the thousands of gods man has worshiped over the centuries exist, and therefore no reason to believe in any. The arguments for the existence of gods always rely on personal (unreliable, prone to mistake and confirmation bias) "testimony" and logical fallacy.
    There is no more reason to believe in gods than in fairies, unicorns, or leprechauns.

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