• Yes he is.

    I know that god is real. Christians and people who live godly lives can't change a person. They can only "plant the seed". Only god can change them. There are a lot of reasons why people don't believe that god exists. The devil uses everything he can to make people believe that god doesn't exist. God gave us all free will so we can decide to believe or not. The biggest thing is that people always say " there is no proof". But are you really going to believe that there was what , "a Big Bang". Are you really going to believe that we came from no where. That the universe popped up suddenly. That doesn't sound right(or at least to me it doesn't). God made it all. Made us all. If you don't already now this Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. Meaning that out of all religions, most people are Christian. And that is because its the right one. Now Jewish is also right. True Christians are spiritual Jews. Anybody can turn there life around but they got to want to change and try to change and let god do his thing. It's that simple.

  • No reality without God

    The question is can there be reality without God. The rational answer is that there cannot be reality without God. That the universe was caused means that the universe and intelligent life on earth cannot be explained without God. Therefore God is the source of reality without which there would be no reality.

  • Yes he is

    Most scientist are now turning back to religion. They realise what an amazing place the world and universe are. We have so many incredible and perfect systems, they can't just be a coincidence. The world points to intelligent design.

    Why do the vast majority of the Earths population believe in God? Because his presence can be felt.

  • How else do you explain

    1. Why DNA has a code
    2. Why you have a conscience that tells you what's right and what's wrong
    3. Why all of nature can be described by certain laws which are universal in all times and places
    4. Why the structure of nature can be described by mathematical patterns despite it's random origin
    5. How the universe came into being uncaused

    All impossible to describe without a God behind it.

  • Feelings of Love

    If you open your mind to His being then you will see and feel his presence. It is not a subject for debate and Christians need to realize that we are not here to judge atheists but rather show them what Gods love looks and feels like. Everyone has the option to believe whatever they want to. I say give it a chance and if it doesn't give you a feeling you have never experienced then at least you opened your mind to it. The feeling of love.....Why would we need that feeling? We wouldn't. It doesn't take love to procreate. What does it hurt to believe and live right. You don't have to go to a Church. The church is in your heart.

  • He is real and has always been real

    It is no doubt that the most of the known population is predisposed to believing that there is a deity. There are over 100,000 users on DDO, and although there are several hundred DDO debates and opinions concerning the Deity of Christ and The existence of God, the opposition to these statements continues to be the same minority group of characters. The individuals of the pro side change consistently and there are a plethora of reasons given as to why God exists and Jesus is that God. The opposing team just says the same things over and over like parrots. Here are some examples
    "It isn't true because it isn't true"
    "It isn't true because I say it isn't true"
    "I've never seen or experienced God and I'm not willing to, so it isn't true."
    "YOU People who believe in God are stupid."
    "God and Science can't coexist"
    "there is no circumvention of physics (miracles don't happen)"
    "People don't change after they've been saved"
    "Salvation isn't the single most identified reason for a lifestyle or attitude changes"

    The statements are riddled with fallacies and down right denial of the truth. Opposition to Christianity can't say why they are right. They just keep calling Christianity Wrong. Christianity is not wrong, calling it wrong is wrong. Calling it wrong is hate which Christianity doesn't teach. Christianity teaches Love and Kindness toward one another.

  • God real boy

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  • We don't know

    The headline doesn't really say yes but I believe God exists so I'll help all those who think he is real. However, we don't know if he's real. We never have and we never will. Richard Dawkins, one of the most famous atheists in the world, even says that whilst he believes that there isn't a God, he doesn't definitely know this. On a scale from 1 to 7 (1 being that you know that God exists) Richard Dawkins says he is a 6. No one can be a 1 or a 7 because we never will know. I believe that if we were meant to know, we would. We're not on this earth to try and prove whether God exists, we're on this earth to show love and compassion and make it a better place. Let's come back to this argument when all the evil in the world has gone.

  • No, he's not.

    Many years ago, the first humans could not explain the world around them. In order to do so, they decided that there must be an all powerful being that created the universe and everything in it. But now that we have science, we can explain all the unexplainable. There is no longer a need for god. So why do people still believe? The entire universe and its creation can be explained with science. So the human race needs to stop being so gullible to propaganda and use their brain & think. Think about how illogical it is to believe that god created the universe. Think about it and challenge my statement.

  • The Answers to This Question Say More About Humanity Than Truth

    This question is really a terribly worded question, considering that it assumes the only possibility to be have one god (and a specific one, as it implies). I won't claim any more certainty about the non-existence of a deity than I will claim about the non-existence of brain-eating leprechauns, but I have never come across any evidence for a deity and do not believe that anyone else has. God is a figment of the imagination of a great number of simple-minded people who simply want to deny death or have been indoctrinated to embrace ignorance and reject reason and reality. Regardless, it is not my job to argue why a god does not exist. Anyone who does believe in a god needs to justify their belief in this context. As can be seen from the dreaded left side of this topic, the case for a god is quite weak.

    Looking at the left side of this opinion I will say the following:
    The devil is a chief explanatory power of the Christian who is desperately clawing for any rope by which to pull themselves up. Ironically, they usually just hang themselves with this rope.

    These points are based on a great deal of assumptions. An anthropomorphic deity is not the only explanation of any of these things, and even if we do not have a good explanation for something, that is no reason to make one up and assume that it is true.

  • I disagree with the question.

    I don't want to sound offensive or preachy to anyone, but I disagree. First of all, I see no proof of his existence what so ever. Many people may argue the fact that humans exist and this could only be down to God. Yet, I believe that science and evolution are the reasons behind our existence. Also, I believe that the world was created by a debris build-up, not by God. I believe that nature and animals also came into the World the same way as we did: evolution. I hope you see my point of view and not take offence at my opinions.

  • A divine being is merely for those who fail to use their capacity for reason, to answer questions which are of a fundamental existentialist nature.

    Belief in god, and I emphasize "belief" is merely a function of the brain that is motivated by a belief system that has been indoctrinated into persons over the course of human history. It began as an attempt to answer and justify what was perceived be early civilizations as the supernatural, e.G. Rain, sunshine, life, death, even as far as morality and ethics. Then as mankind advanced in his thinking it was used by those who saw the concept of god for what it really is: a system of indoctrination and control. One only needs to take the example of the very compilation of the christian bible, which was to control a population that was becoming ungovernable. This was followed by centuries of rational thought being cast out as sin, and plain right evil, only because those few brave men and women, who became outcasts, the excommunicated, the burned at the stake, the hung, the crusaded only because they did what man was made to do, that very thing that ascends mankind above the animal kingdom: they thought for themselves. If the concept of god, as interpreted by factions such as those that adhere to monotheism were real, the he would have a lot to answer for, such as the blood that was shed in his name, the children that starve and die of illnesses one wouldn't even wish on his worst enemy, while religion brings in billions of dollars every year (tax free) , so that their leaders can line their pockets with private jets, their own (for lack of a better term) "talk shows" , theme parks, mansions and the works. These people run the most intelligent ponzi scheme ever thought of since the holy roman empire, and the best part is, they don't have to give any of it back, maybe at most the pay for the P.R that says that they do. It takes a sick, real scum of the earth kind of person to make people pay for their reason to hope, as illogical as that hope may be. Throughout all time, man has waged war because of this irrational idealization of an imaginary figure, even so far as today. So when those who believe in a self proclaimed jealous, tyrannical, murderous, indifferent system of control/being, one is forced to ask the most pertinent of questions. Where is your god now? Nietzsche wisely said that god is dead. Perhaps he was dead from the very start.

  • There is no god.

    The believe that any god exists has always baffled me because i would always be directed to the bible and not any scientific journal or paper. The idea that god exists is a really primitive thought and im glad atheism is growing faster. Even if a god existed why would i worship a misogynist, genocidal god?

  • Fallacy: False dichotomy.

    This question is invalid, as it presupposes an agreed-upon posited "god" whose existence we are able to determine.

    Please restate the question, bearing in mind there have been several thousand gods throughout human history (that we know of), and be specific as to which deity you are intending to discuss.

    Posted by: Seek
  • We can't know, so why argue

    This is a question meant to get people on both sides of the religious debate to claw at each other's throats. My opinion is that you have the right to believe or do whatever you want as long as your beliefs and actions don't encroach on anyone else's rights. Enjoy this life and if there is a next life, enjoy that one as well. If your beliefs or lack of belief prevents you being happy in life, then you are doing something wrong.

  • Contradicting Stuff in in the Bible

    It is said that God is omnipotent meaning that he always knows and will know what happens. This basically says that no matter what you do "God" foresaw and caused it leaving us no free will at all. Do you see why I have a hard believing in your precious God.

  • Valid truth claims require validated empirical evidence, shared observational evidence, to consider something is actually real external to mind.

    All objective knowledge is based on sense data perceptions; there is nothing we know without such evidence. Since there is no sense data perceptions (that is, valid empirical evidence) for god are anything supernatural or spiritual, there is no valid rationale to claim a 'god" exists in any real way outside and beyond our subjective feelings in our brains.

  • Valid truth claims require validated empirical evidence, shared observational evidence, to consider something is actually real external to mind.

    All objective knowledge is based on sense data perceptions; there is nothing we know without such evidence. Since there is no sense data perceptions (that is, valid empirical evidence) for god are anything supernatural or spiritual, there is no valid rationale to claim a 'god" exists in any real way outside and beyond our subjective feelings in our brains.

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