• A Personal God is active and Alive

    Mankind was created with an internal need to have a vibrant relationship with their creator (Jesus). Without this mankind in general will slide away from a wholesome life that includes the well being of those about them. An honest, open and regular relationship creates comfort, direction and purpose to ones fife. Sometimes in crisis we tend to lose faith and try to work it out ourselves and often make it worse, however Jesus is always there ready to forgive and point us to the right solution when we turn back to him. He does not transgress our free will.

  • God is real

    I cannot make you believe anything, but if you experience God for yourself & feel the presence of God in your own life there can be No doubt of his relevance or existence.
    Religion is pointlessly trying in vain to do what is right, rather what we need is a real living relationship with the almighty God.

  • God is the healer

    The scripture makes us understand by His stripes we were healed. No matter what the doctors do, it is only God that gives healing. He has paid the price for our sickness and diseases in the past. So His desire is for us to enjoy divine health and healing. This is why he said In 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish ABOVE ALL things that you PROSPER and be in HEALTH EVEN AS OUR SOUL PROSPERS.
    This is the ultimate purpose of God for mankind. For those who are sick, He promise to restore health to you

  • Yes, God is still relevent in society.

    God is still relevant in society today. One of the reasons is that our moral code is largely based on historical religious thought that has been handed down through thousands of years (think of how the Ten Commandments talk about not murdering, not committing adultery, and not stealing). God is often seen as the source of our moral code. If God were not relevant, then neither would morality be relevant.

  • Certainly we're just ignoring it.

    God is far from irrelevant. Whether we acknowledge it or not God has not changed and neither have we for that matter. Our need for God remains constant. Our bodies have spiritual needs that sadly we as a society have neglected for far to long. Much like food our spiritual bodies will wither away without supplement.. Choosing not to eat will only lead to eventual death. How much worse when you don't even realize you are starving?

  • God never forgets us.

    God is always relevant because, without God, none of us would exist. No matter how corrupt and evil the world can seem, there is good around us. God is with us always unless you build a barrier between yourself and God, allowing the world to corrupt you. We are surrounded by violence and hate. It is in these times that, more than ever, we need God's help and strength.

  • God is the solution

    God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I believe that God is not only relevant for today's society but He is the answer to all of society's problems.
    God said love your enemies. This means no more war.
    God said care about the poor, the sick and the troubled. This means no more poor or rejected people.
    These are only two practical examples of what God does to the society, not to mention what He changes in your life.

  • God is that what brings into being what didn't exist!

    There was a time the World didn't exist, yet, today the World exist, hence, God exist!
    If something comes into being then there can be nothing in the Nature of the substance itself that could impel it to act outwardly; yet, all things act/react or interact with their environment, hence, God is factual!

  • God is irrelevant.

    God has no place in society because morals or a happy existence do not depend on the existence of God. Altruism is a Darwinian trait. Period. Furthermore, statistics have shown that deists or atheists are not only happier, but more morally inclined than their religious counterparts. Also, Religion and God is a divisive force to humanity. We can't afford to be divided on the basis of something as inconsequential as God or religion.

  • Sad but no.

    I really want to say yes as I believe in god so he's relevant in my life, but society is turning to poo very quick so it's obvious God isn't. Ask the same question in another 10 years and see how society is.
    It's becoming more pagan as time goes on.

  • This just in: God is only relevant because it's shoved in our faces.

    I think little of "GODS", why because I have educated myself on the history of Theism and the facts of how it slowly became what it is today. Though many would try to argue these points, I am not moved. Why? Because the facts are still the facts. Regardless of ones "Faith" or "Dogmatic" chanting of its' "Beliefs", they are still "Faith and Belief". Not fact, not data, not proof. So, as an individual many may claim it is still relevant. But as a reality....... It is only as relevant as the person to whom you are speaking with makes it. In other words, are Ford Taurus's still relevant........ Um, maybe to the owner or driver. But that's it.

  • No. Today God sits in a very small corner of hear-say accounts and anomalies.

    God as creator -what created the creator? God as moral compass -I certainly hope its not the vindictive Old Testament God. God as comforter -what is the effective difference between prayer and self-talk?

    And yet, there will always be a greater context of the cosmos to discover. And we will always build our ethics in response to our sense of the good. And our greatest comforts and consolations will always lie beyond our selves.

    So I propose either re-purposing "God", or coming up with a better term/idea that better fits our modern worldview. Otherwise, God is most certainly dead.

  • Never liked him

    Seriously though i have just never really bonded with god, so yeah as you can imagine we dont have such a strong bond as some of you christians do. And i respect you for doing that.... For sharing that time wth god... Jesus christ that was a bloody long paragraph! :)

  • I believe in Allah; that does not mean hes relevant in society

    Allah created us so that we would be judged by him. Some people chose to ruin peoples lives with drugs and violence. Others chose to be closer to Allah by fasting and praying, and these people will be rewarded in the after life by Allah, for not going with the crowd and choosing to do whats right rather than what everyone else does

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