• Higgs Boson Proves It

    Scientifically, the Higgs boson, or the "God particle" proves that there was matter in existence before the big bang. That supports the notion that somehow, something must have existed before 13.7 billion years ago, the time of the big bang. Whether or not God exists is another debate. However, there is evidence to support the existence of some kind of universe before the big bang.

  • Time is no dimension for him.

    Yes, God is timeless, because he has already seen everything before it happens. God does not live in the dimensions of time like we do. God has created the world and has created it to live in its dimension. Even the end times have already happened, we just have not experienced them because we are stuck in time and space.

  • God = timeless

    I do think God is timeless and I am a straight catholic. There will never be a more beloved figure in the world then God himself, in my opinion. I think God is and will for ever be a timeless figure that will continue to play a role in our lives.

  • God is Timeless

    I believe that God is timeless. Regardless of rather or not there is a real God, the idea of one has been around for ages and I believe the idea will persist until time ends. Its somewhat ironic when you consider the fact God usually labels himself as timeless or the Alpha and the Omega.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe, since religion is often used to explain the unexplainable, that God is a timeless figure. I think believing in a God-like figure or believing there is a higher power is one of the key factors of being human. Therefore, I do not see a time in our future where God will go out of favor.

  • Yes and No! Non existence is more timeless than existence, as mass deteriorates into other forms.

    As I cannot see any logic for assuming the existence of a god and an incredible amount of evidence for the non existence of a supernatural (not natural) being and as all mass is converted while nothing stays as nothing, and god is nothing, therefore the nothing is timeless. But I can't vote yes to a question begging for confirmation to overcome self doubt.

  • God will only exist while the Human Mind exists, no longer:

    Some cosmologists and astronomers theorize that the Earth may only have another 5 billion years left, before our Sun develops into a white giant and melts our planet and us out of existence.
    It is at this point, if humans manage to make it that 5 billion years, without destroying our planet before this due to our of Greed, then this will be the end of God.
    Because God only exists in the Human Mind/Brain, nowhere Else!

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