• Quite Easy to Prove

    So yeah, things have been summed up pretty well already, but basically God allows evil to happen so we can grow, learn and become more like him. He does not cause evil, he merely allows men to act as they wish, which sometimes includes instigating and supporting evil. This does not make him bad.

  • We have free will

    The bad things that happen are a result of free will. Humans make bad choices and suffer the consequences. Blaming God for these things is ridiculous. Good and decent people do get caught up in the mess of it but that's a result of society in general not God. God is not Santa Claus or a gumball machine. You don't always get what you want and blaming God for the bad things is acting like a spoiled bratty kid.

  • You People are Crazy

    Just because there is evil on the earth does not mean, it is gods fault. He does not cause the bad things to happen. He does ALLOW the bad things to happen, but there is a big difference between causing and allowing. If a Boy rebels against his father and then decides to move out, and gets into trouble, did the father CAUSE the problems for the child? NO. He allowed it to happen though. Same with God, he does not cause the worlds problems, but he does allow them to happen. If you want an explanation why, just ask me and I will tell you. But do NOT quickly assume things.

  • Those that say God is not good do not know God and are too caught up in their iniquities to realize that he loves them.

    God is no respecter of persons. He loves all his children equally (don't believe me? Then ask him yourself with real intent). So he doesn't care about what any of you say about him. So let's be clear. I'm not going to say what I am about to say because I'm offended or feel threatened. I'm also not going to say what I'm going to say to defend God. God needs no defending. I am only going to say the following because those that fight to make all men miserable like unto the Devil will not like what is in store for them. Fortunately for you, you are likely ignorant to God and know not of him and are not like Korihor who knew there was always a God but did not believe it. The difference is one is in ignorance and the other is the greatest crime to mankind there is. I hope that you are all ignorant and are good. God will often allow us to hurt ourselves and others. Many will ask, "If God could easily stop all this suffering, why doesn't he?" I believe this is a very profound question that has undoubtedly been asked by billions of people from the beginning of time. Life can seem unfair at times as we experience our own personal suffering, and witness through our own eyes or through the media, the incredible suffering that seems to be such an integral part of the daily lives of people all over the world. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints (sometimes called mormons) and I believe that one of the many prophets of my church named, Hugh B. Brown can answer that question in one of his great talks titled, "The Currant Bush." In the story, when Brown when a young man he was a Gardner. He sees a bush that is overgrown and cuts it down. He thinks he hears it say something like "How could you do this to me? Now all the other plants will look down on me." He thinks he hears it say this so much that he replies, "I'm the Gardner, I didn't want you to be a shade tree. I wanted you to be a currant bush. One day, you'll thank me for loving you enough to cut you down." Later in his life, he is about to become a general but is denied because he is a mormon and he cries to the heavens, "How could you do this to me?" Then he remembers what he said to the current bush and was immediately humbled. God loves us enough to cut us down. We may hurt in this life, but what is life? What is death? If you live your life righteously, then what have you to fear? When my friends die I don't mourn their deaths. I mourn because I am not dead and am not with them. Please find this out for yourself.

  • Free -Will and righteousness.

    Free - Will is the reason we even get to go against God. If he wasn't good, he would've killed us all before we had the chance to live. He can stop evil but wont. Because in the beginning He gave us a chance to choose Evil or Good. What? You think only we go through suffering and diseases? The book of the Bible called First Peter tells us that “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God.” (1 Peter 3:18)

    But even so after all these things, we go against Him and curse Him and deny His very existence, for this is why David says:
    Psalms 8:4
    "For what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?"

  • We are here because of him

    Everything we have we owe to God, whether it is good or bad, that is irrelevant. For everything we have is because he gave it to us. From every evil we experience we gain vital knowledge to the betterment of future generations. For without God we would have absolutely nothing.

  • God is necessarily good

    God, as opposed to Satan, is the ruling force that is necessarily positive. Satan, on the other hand, is necessarily negative. Both are balancing forces, and in the spirit of rationalism, the individual has the ultimate power by deciding who he will trust. This is the way the world works.

  • Free will, people!

    God made people, and everything else on this planet. This means he also created the "evil" people. The thing is, no one is born evil. He gave us free will so we can decide what to do on this planet while we're here. Some people choose a faulty path that leads to war, pain, and suffering. This is not God's fault. It's our own as a human race. We need to learn to reach out and solve our own problems instead of generally blaming everything on the ones up in the clouds.

  • Yes he is good

    He died so we could live. I think thats enough because he died for u s. Only for us. God is great. That basically wins the debate so yea.... God is definetly good and died for us so yea so whoever says god is good, I totally 100 percent agree

  • That doesn't mean God didn't create evil

    People seem to get confused that everything does happen for a reason. God may have created Satan who later turned against him and created hell. You may say if God was 100% good he would send everyone to heaven, but he's not going to put people in hell by force. He gives us a choice, hell probably isn't that bad, it's just a place without God. If people don't want to be with him for eternity, that would evil to force them to do so. Americans have created this sensationalist image of Hell, and even Heaven. We have no idea what either of them are like, stop acting as if you do, yet you claim so much about God without reading the bible. God's will does exist, but it's necessary. No one would learn anything, Adam and Eve didn't deserve a hug after what they did. God knew it would happen, because again, everything is planned out carefully by him. Cancer: That is a result of sin. AGAIN, we wouldn't learn anything, God didn't create this world to create a bunch of clones of him.

  • Fall back on the classic trilemma.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?

    The creature described in the Bible cannot exist without at least one of his traits being incorrectly described.

    If God created everything, then he created sin.

    No all powerful creature would knowingly create evil if he were truly good.

  • Murder of Children cannot be good

    According to the Bible, God murders the entire world population of unborn children in a flood and orders his followers to kill the entire population of another land including dashing the heads of children against rocks and cutting unborns from their mother's wombs. In NO WAY can such a being be called good.

  • God Is NOT A Good Guy!

    Because if he was good he would not ignore people who need him the most like a person i know. Say this person was the person who believed in god the most and told him and prayed every night all of your sins and say that person got very hurt and that person prayed to god to help that person and god just ignored that person and if god was TRULY GOOD than he would help that person.

  • Is God evil?

    In my eyes God is evil I say this because if God was truly good and was truly on our side then why would he let there be all this evil into the world? Evils like war and murder some of you might say that the devil is the one who created all these thing. Since God is all powerful and all knowing wouldn't he know that Lucifer would fall and become Satan? Also since he's all powerful wouldn't he be able to strike down Satan whenever he pleases? I mean since Lucifer was once one of God's angels created by God himself wouldn't make sense for him to be able to make it so he was never created in the first place? If he has this type of power being the creator of everything we know of, and being the protector of everything that is good wouldn't get rid of all the evil or not create it to begin with?
    Even ignoring what I said above i still think God is evil. Why, because if God was good why would he let the rich get richer and let the poor suffer? Also why is it that just by confessing your sins to God and having a good relationship with him you would be able to go to heaven; but if you never do anything wrong and your as close to a perfect being as you can be but you don't have a good relationship with God your going to hell. Let me give you an example lets say that a person named Ryan goes around stealing and murdering people everyday, but every Sunday he goes to the church and confesses to everything he has done and then after a few years Ryan finally stopped killing and stealing. He would go to heaven, because apparently confessing to what you have done and then turning your life around for the better would make everything you did disappear. Maybe in God's eyes yes but what about the families that know have to replace what was stolen, or have live knowing that someone they love is dead and is never coming back because of what Ryan did. On the other hand you have Jake an honest kid who could never even hurt a fly and spread peace, love, and Joy where ever he went. However he never believed in God, because he has never had a reason to believe in God. So Jake is going to hell for the soul purpose that he had a reason to believe in God in the first place? To me that doesn't sound like a man who is truly good to me that sounds like someone who only wants to spread chaos, death, and despair across the universe. What if that it's not that God is evil, but the one's that write the bibles and controls the religion is evil or what if religion itself is evil, but for that would be for a later argument.

  • God is non-existent.

    If your God was true, then why would he create this cruel and sinful place? If your God loved you then you would've been in the heavens right now and chillin'. But no, we are pressured by different issues in our ever-changing world: corruption, politics, deaths, crimes, and etc. I would've liked if God just stopped for a moment, came down from his seat up there and said "I'm tired of this", then sent us all into heaven or not creating us at all.

  • No. God is not good. Man, however, is capable of good.

    No. From everything I've learned about the world and the great abundant evidence all around me, God is not good. He is NOT GOOD. He is reckless (as in sloppy), he is desperate when he creates and builds, he has little regard for individual life and he does not love individual beings. I DO NOT regard God as a good being. I associate God with the chaos and with the absurdity of nature. God is definitely not good.

    Man, however , is capable of good, even though most of the the time we think and act selfishly. Most of the good we have in this world can be credited to the achievements of man. Very little of it can genuinely be attributed to God.

  • But not evil either.

    God is neither good or evil. If God is indeed real, then I cannot say God is an inherently good force. God does not love all of his children equally, and has--and still is--letting some truly terrible things happen, like slavery and crime. If God was truly good, he would try to abolish all of these things to produce the happiest existence possible for all living things. However, he isn't necessarily bad either--after all, as the story goes, he did create all of this, and so far we have lived on. Miracles have happened, though whether they were divine or not is debatable. God is who you want him to be, so there is no right answer about his nature.

  • How can we claim something if we have do not know what it is?

    God cannot be proven; we simply do not know what God is. If God really did create life and the world, then who created God? Why can't we jump straight to the conclusion that the universe is itself eternal. Why can't we jump to the conclusion that the universe is itself God. The word God after all is subjective. To some, it is an invisible man in the sky, to others, it is more like a force that drives the universe, and to some it is the universe itself. Deists believe god created the world and left it alone .Atheists believe that there is not God (afterall what is God?). Theists believe that God is judging. Pantheists believe the universe is itself God. Buddhists do not define God literally but do believe in a life force. So what is god? God can be what you want it to be. It could exist, it could not, it could be the universe. It all depends on your definition of what is God. Afterall, it is impossible to prove something if there is not common definition of what is God.

  • Children have Cancer

    I do not believe God is real but if he were to be, he is not good at all. Kids all over the world are starving. Kids have cancer. Why isn't your almighty God helping them? Why would he make these innocent people suffer when there are "sinners" all over who have a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat and water to drink? It makes no sense.

  • Children have Cancer

    I do not believe God is real but if he were to be, he is not good at all. Kids all over the world are starving. Kids have cancer. Why isn't your almighty God helping them? Why would he make these innocent people suffer when there are "sinners" all over who have a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat and water to drink? It makes no sense.

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themightyindividual says2014-11-18T23:26:47.037
It is funny how half of the voters say yes and half say no. That helps enforce the picture of Jesus and the devil arm-wrestling. Balanced, opposing forces.