Is going over the Fiscal Cliff now an inevitability?

  • There's no way around it

    Pretty much the US is going to have to figure out some serious stuff very very quickly if they don't want to end up plummeting over the Fiscal Cliff. All the government programs are great, universal health care will help millions who could never get coverage to finally get some doctor visits, but when things like the military, and the drug war suck billions upon trillions out of the economy to fuel interests of a select few, and line the pockets of politicians with fat stacks of money, I don't see how it's avoidable.

  • Yes

    Pretty much we are going to have to accept the fact that with our reckless spending, our inability to think ahead for the financial future, and our own cockiness has led us to an inevitable decline to a fiscal cliff that we are doomed to fall over. However, things could be controlled and damage control could happen that would lessen the detrimental effects of the downfall.

  • No, it's obviously not an inevitability

    Hasn't this already been supposedly avoided with the New Year's night deal? Yes, there are many issues yet to addressed, but I am not even sure what "fiscal cliff" means any more at this point. The issue with the debt ceiling is still forthcoming, so it's simply a matter of dealing with the Nation's fiscal issues, which neither Congress nor the President appear any more willing to do.

  • Not if Congress can swallow their pride.

    Our country could avoid going over the fiscal cliff at the last minute. That will depend on whether our members of Congress are willing to work together. Letting the talks go on until the final moments are very reminiscent of the debt ceiling talks, and they were able to suck it up at the last moment in that case. Hopefully, Congress will heed the cries of the people they represent and come to an agreement that will keep those of us who cannot afford to pay higher taxes from having to do so.

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