• Yes, going to college is a good investment.

    I think that going to college is a good investment. I think that while some people may not seem to think so, it is important that some people do research on what college degree they should be trying to acquire for it to be a good investment. I think that college is good for most people.

  • College is a good investment for the right fields of endeavor and level of committment.

    For students who have aspirations to become the next Donald Trump, a good business school education can be invaluable in getting a foot in the door of large corporations and started up the ladder of the corporate world.

    Engineers and doctors are must have a degree and will be able to fund the costs of getting that education through student loans (lawyers might be able to, but there are too many and not enough work, but a good school can change that equation).

    For those who wish to become involved in soft fields, 'investing' in a college degree is becoming more and more an exercise in disappointment, though, as many who work in the Arts never make good enough to pay for an expensive education. Many artists make a decent living teaching others the raw skills involved in art. Very few actually make enough peddling mediocre paintings to support themselves without having a full-time job (photography, graphic design are an exception).

    On top of choosing a field that will turn college into a good investment, the student must be willing to commit themselves to the single-minded effort necessary to out-perform those around them to be noticed by employers who regularly troll educational institutions for good prospective employees.

  • Yes, I think college is a good investment.

    I think in general college is a good investment if you pick a useful major that has a future and you attend a school that does not cost a huge amount of money, I believe that the majority of employers nowadays won't even consider your resume without a college degree so those seeking employment are well suited investing in a college degree.

  • It doesn't make you.

    Going to college is a waste of money, because it is a lot of work for no guarantee of a job at the end. Going to college only gives a person a license to look for a job. If the person is lazy, they will still be lazy. If the person has ambition that won't change either. Going to college doesn't change a person, and it's a waste of money.

  • There are other jobs!

    I think it's isn't a good investment because maybe a child didn't do good in school and then if that child's parents spend a lot of money on college and they don't get a job at all and do really bad in college, that means they just wasted their money. Also, there are plenty of high-paying jobs that you can do and you don't have to have any college experience. For example, you can be a You-tuber, earn millions, and not have to go to college at all. Also, plenty of people have finished college, gotten a degree, and still haven't gotten a job!

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