• It Can Be

    I believe going to college can be worth the time and money it takes, but it really depends. One of the biggest things a student should consider before entering college is what their major is going to be. Some fields require degrees and others don't. If you find your trade or industry contains a lot of people without degrees then you will more than likely be wasting your time and money.

  • College education very important

    A college education is important for anyone looking to further their degree and get a better career. This is important because it will have more people get into the economy qualifying for jobs that are high paying. So no matter what the cost is you need to have an education in this tough world today.

  • Yes, it is.

    If you do well in High School and get a partial scholarship especially. I know for a fact that once I had my degree, it was easier to find jobs and, in particular, higher paying jobs. Student debt is a huge problem though, an it is something you must weigh.

  • Degrees now worthless

    There was a time here in America where obtaining a degree meant something, but now colleges are obsessed with profits and money above all, basically selling degrees to the highest bidder, and our colleges are overloaded with underqualified people who get by with only the slightest effort. At this point, a Bachelors may as well be a diploma.

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