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  • Not even close to worth it

    There are very few job openings for attorneys. I attended a top 20 school, have $200,000+ in debt, and make less than $50,000. Law schools lie about salaries and employment opportunities. Only go to law school if you have experience working for a lawyer, you're not going to go into more than $40,000 in debt (INCLUDING living expenses!), and you're dying to be an attorney. The legal industry is contracting through overseas competition, services like LegalZoom, and the huge oversupply of law school graduates. I will regret attending law school for the rest of my life. Going to law school means that I will never achieve financial freedom. I would amputate my leg if it meant I could discharge my law school loans. DO NOT GO TO LAW SCHOOL!

  • Only if you really have the burning desire to become a lawyer

    Law schools are, at least here, over subscribed and many people who aspire to be lawyers or anything of the sort, will be hugely disappointed when and if they do not succeed in getting to law school. Similarly, there are so many lawyers now that it can be very difficult to find a job.

    Posted by: WJRH

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