• School prepares students for the better.

    School is only the easy part, Trust me. You'll only be around a small group of people, In the community as you get a job and work like a busy bee, There are all sorts of people like. . . Picky ones, They like to criticize people and there are many likes of them. In school, They do checkups and teach you about general knowledge about food pyramids. I'd say it's a bluff if going to school isn't healthy. Just imagine you are stressed in school correct? But then you can try to handle it, Stress isn't forever, Stress is forever if you admit it is stress. About staying up late, It's your choice whether you choose to do it or not. In school, You meet people who are quite close to your age, In society, It's the opposite the age gap isn't the same. Accept the fate kids

  • Schools Are Good For Your Health

    Schools are good for your both your mental and physical health. Schools are a great place to make and see a large, Diverse, Group of people that you can socialize with. Schools also give you motivation and incentive to prepare for your adulthood. On the physical side of things, Schools have you do a total of about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day by having you back back and forth between classes. They also have you attend Physical Education classes which consists of about 1 hour of moderate exercise. Most schools also ban the consumption of snacks and other unhealthy food during class, Which can help you curb a snacking habit. Schools also have you mold a good morning routine, As most classes start early in the morning, It teaches you to be efficient with your morning routine and establish a sleep schedule. Because of these reasons, Schools may not be the most enjoyable experience are certainly the most healthy.

  • Schools slowly kill you

    Science teens should sleep a lot of hours because their brains and body need to develop.
    Schools three hours of sleep take it or leave it.
    They make you wake up to start at 8:00 in the morning. Some students like to be clean or live far away so they might wake up 5.
    Then they give you a pile of homework. The longer you take the better. So you have to stay up late and finish it. And you have to redo everything again.
    No wonder college students are so burned out.

  • I just do not like

    Beacuse the people give me no takis cause my face is bright green cause i am allegric to takis beacuse uhh i no like school becuase uhhhhhh my friend is a rock and is not allowed in school beacuse meany teachy yell at me beause my face so green ok ok and ohhhhh nooo meany meany techy yelldde at med beacuse i at life ight no and i a

  • 12 years of School is a waste of time

    You go to school only to be able to go to university to only be able to get a job. And then you find out that there are thousands of people with the same degree as you and you're already 24! And then you get depressed at all the time you wasted in education

  • Not for mental health!

    I don't know about physical health, But it is often a cause of mental ill-health such as depression, Anxiety and various other issues. While there are some that benefit from schooling, There are many that don't. Yes, They may learn quite a lot which is a good thing, But sometimes at an awful price.
    Being forced to attend somewhere you don't want to be, With others that don't want to be there; is asking for trouble. This is where violence and abuse (esp. Bullying) gets off the ground. If it was made more voluntary (in terms of what was studied) it would be better. Also there are FAR too many rules. . . To many children it is more of a prison then an institution of learning. . . . A place of total dread. . . This can't be right. . . . Change is needed.

  • Nooooo mo skool!

    I tink dat skool iz BHAD fo yo healf bekos skool meens dis:
    Hoo agwees wit mee? I agwee 100% bekos I has givin pwoof dat skool is a wayst of tyme! I gets NOO edoocashion and I is happy wit lyfe widauut skool! YAAAAAAAAY!
    Yo gurl, Da FBI

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I agree with myself

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