• Goku is incredible

    When he was only a kid he defeated the entire red ribbon army while superman was having some lame social issues. Im tired of people saying goku died so many times he is weak, WAKE UP. Every time goku died it was to protct his loved ones when someone died that superman loved he just shout NOOOOOOO! And started having a tantrum beating somone up. Goku is a warrior with a heart of gold. He can take down anyone in his path proteccting others especially in god mode wich superman cant handle. I have read comic books of superman if you watch one of his movies the origin of the justice League he ends up getting controlled by aliens and needed his friends help. Evryone needs help even superman. If you think you fans of superman think he can handle goku im gonna show you a few things

    Goku can use instant transmittion to go anywhere faster than speed of light which means goku has the advantage in speed.

    Goku's Dragon fist cand abliterate an entire planet moon and sun

    Goku's spirit bomb can eliminate any enemy in his path

    And Goku's Kamehameha can do massive amounts of damage without draining his energy unlike superman's lazer beams

    Goku's super sayin form multiples his powers by 50 super sayin 2 multiplies his strength by 100 super sayin 3 multiplies it by 200 super sayin 4 multiplies it by 400 god multiplies Goku's regular form by 500 so imagine a god mode super sayin 4 Goku in other words superman would be finished.

  • Yes e is

    Goku is more smarter tougher and Superman has a weakness. And Goku can destroy planets and take down gods. Superman GOT BEATEN BY DARKSEID ALOT!! And Goku is faster then light so Goku can use instant transmission and take down a whole planet. He also is able to push mountains. Yall are mad because you all compared the wrong Superman

    Its suppose to be a weaker Superman vs Goku
    Superman is ruined and Superman is gay and people can afford to admit Superman will lose to someone and comics should not be added

  • Superman wouldn't even be able to touch Goku.

    Goku literly creates supernova's out of his hands and in the comics Superman gets stund by them. When Goku was about to use a kame wave against cell everyone was like Goku no you'll destroy the planet and he now has Ultra Instinct so yeah I don't think Superman could even touch him because of Ultra Instinct.

  • Superman is goku's kryptonite

    Which over powered superman?


    Lol, you better have a giant supply of green k, because PC supes showed resistances to green k on multiple occasions, with prime and 1,000,000 effectively immune.

    Superman 1,000,000(or gold supes) has infinite power. INFINITE! And no weaknesses. NONE!

    PC superman could close black holes with his bare hands.
    Took out a solar system with a sneeze
    crushed a neutron star to make a key for the fortress
    among other impossible feats

    superboy/man prime, who's power level is comperable to PC superman, punched through the very fabric of reality, busting from one universe to another. Destroying the former in the process. And he's nuts. Prime also has a relatively weak allergy to grren k, and magic is useless.

    There isn't anything in goku's aresenal to take down any of superman's most powerful versions.

    Goku vs the current weekly/monthly superman character, i'll say i don't know who wins that fight. But if it's goku up against any of these guys? Goku aint winnin, i dont care what level he gets to. Or who he brings to the fight for back-up.

    You guys thinkin goku could actually win, need to put your noses in some comic books

  • Not a chance

    Pre-crisis Superman is dozens of times stronger than Goku. With Superman Prime, it isn't even a contest; Goku will be gone in literally the blink of an eye.
    Perhaps the only people who think Goku is stronger than Superman are die-hard Goku fans and those who've only seen Superman in DC Animated. DCAU Superman is the WEAKEST version of Superman, and it's no wonder Goku can beat him.
    But Goku will have a hard time beating even post-crisis Superman. Against stronger versions, it's not even a contest.

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