• Is this a Sport?

    Hmm? Golf a Sport? Your Kidding Right? All it Is is a bunch of men in polos Hitting Balls With Sticks Into holes. Its Like pool. But Do we consider Pool A Sport? No I think Not. They ususally Dont Even Walk To Get their ball. They Ride in cars! For Gods Sake!

  • Sport: activities which are based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity

    Golf requires physical athleticism and physical dexterity; therefore, golf is a sport.

    Golf is recognized as an Olympic SPORT.

    Golfers are defined as athletes, just look at the majority of the PGA Tour and European Tour.

    Golf requires power and finesse, typical characteristics which characterize other sports.

    Comparing golf to mind sports (like chess or poker) is constituted with failure to recognize the athleticism required to play golf.

  • Golf is the best sport ever just some people cry about it

    I feel that golf is a support because you are walking about and hitting the ball.This challenges there upper body power.This is just like asking is darts a real sport. Also it has always been classed as a sport. But this is only my view it's up to everyone else on what they think.

  • It requires skill and dedicaiton

    Yes, golf is a sport and should be respected as such. It is not, however, a contact sport, so many push it to the side as a hobby or a past time. Golf requires skill, concentration, and dedication to become proficient the same as more popular sports such as football, baseball, basketball, etc.

  • Golf is a sport.

    Golf is highly competitive.
    Scores are not only accumulated individually, but also as a team.
    Just as in any other sport, you must workout and maintain a healthy body to prevent yourself from injury (especially your core, abs, and upper body).
    Golf requires a lot of time and practice, as well as talent and dedication.

  • Depends on your definition of "sport"

    Personally, the guideline I use to distinguish between a sport and a game is the physical fitness of the participants being a factor. So if the participant gains an advantage in the game by being fitter or stronger for example, then it would qualify as a sport. So in the case of golf, being able to swing strongly and consistently would require good upper body strength and fitness. Also being able to walk the 7 to 9 kilometers every round requires a decent fitness level as well

  • Let us compare it

    Let's compare golf to other sports. Golf involves hitting a ball with a stick. Baseball involves hitting a ball with a stick. The objective in golf is to get a ball in a certain area. Football requires you to get a ball to a certain area. The hole of where you are supposed to get the ball in Golf is very similar to the ole you get a basketball in. If you say that golf isn't sport, then how is Baseball, Basketball, and Football a sport?

  • Sport: A game that requires physical movement.

    Is there an olympic golf? Yes. Is there a professional golf? Check. It's a sport.

    Golf requires a good aim, the ability to swing, and the ability to hit the ball accurately.

    Like other sports, a score is kept, it consists of rounds, and it is played on a specialized field (though every golf course is different).

    It may not be the most exciting sport to watch, but it is a sport.

  • How is this even a question

    I can load you with facts upon facts but no i am just going to leave you with a few of the best facts out there
    1.Golfers burn more calories then gymnastis
    2.When swinging a golf club you use more then 17 muscles
    3. You need hand eye coordination to golf and coordination is in fact apart of being athletic.

  • Golf is a real sport

    You have to be strong to be able to hit the ball very far. You have to be able to read the green to be able to get it in the hole. You have to walk for hours on end carrying a 30 pound bag, so that makes you tired. You have to be able to read the WIND!! How hard is that !! GOLF IS A SPORT PEOPLE HOW CAN YOU NOT GET THIS??

  • Golf is not a sport

    Anything that takes no athleticism AT ALL is NOT a sport. Someone may be able to say it was a sport if their was any kind of teamwork. If golf is considered a sport pool should be a sport. Some other sports would be bowling, monopoly, and poker. Golf takes no athletic ability and is not a sport

  • Not a sport

    So all you do is drive around wearing white gloves and hit a ball with a metal rod. You dont run, you dont dive. All you do is decide whether to use a putter or a driver. You are hardly even moving too. You dont even have to walk to get your ball.

  • Obviously not. Golf is not interesting

    In the definition of a sport it states it is entertaining and golf is objectively boring. Therefore golf is not a sport. So there you have it that is the main reason golf is not a real sport. Also these statements on how you use more muscles in golf than in gymnastics may be true but what about football or baseball? Aren’t this sports

  • Golf is not by definition a sport

    The dictionary defines sport as something that requires physical activity and some athletic ability. Some may argue that they have to walk long distances in golf but then again, they give you the option of riding a golf cart. You don't see people riding golf carts in basketball, baseball, or football.

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