• Golf is a sport without a doubt.

    Golf is a sport any way you look at it. To think that some idiots even consider that golf isn't a sport is sickening. Some people say it's not a sport if you can succeed while being overweight and smoking. Then look at baseball. There are many overweight great players (Big Papi, Prince Fielder) and most guys chew while playing. I wouldn't be surprised if these nut jobs think baseball isn't a sport. Then they say professional players ride in carts, but PGA players walk the entire course. It is beyond me on how people think golf isn't a sport.

  • Still a game

    Golf can be a sport in any case. Soccer is a game, football is a game, and the two require in fact less then golf players. Golf players carry seventy five pound bags across a five mile field, and soccer player sprint around like little fairies. Golf requires 17 muscles just to lift a club. So, concluding golf has as much qualification as any other sport.

  • Golf is a sport. End of Discussion.

    Although some may argue that golf is not a sport because it does not require physical athleticism, they simply do not understand. In golf, you move at least 16 muscle groups in order to swing the club. Most professional golfers are now hitting the gym because being fit is an advantage to golf. The difference is, some may plop themselves on a cart and drive the whole course while others carry their bag the whole 8,000 yards. Golf requires the most skill in any sport I have ever tried. It takes years and years to even become "OK" at the sport. I have put so much time into golf, and from personal experience, golf (at least the way I play it) is definitely a sport.
    You can argue that John Daly, a fat golfer, won two majors. However, how many overweight players are there in baseball, football, and other "definite" sports. Golf is becoming more and more a sport as the years go by. The IOC has even made it an Olympic SPORT in 2016.
    I guarantee that most people who say golf is not a sport have either tried the game and grew frustrated or never tried at all.

  • Yes, golf is a sport

    It is insane that people think that it is not. Golf takes years of practice and heck, you can even make a living out of it. A sport is something that has a pro league, which golf has. People need to think more before they open theirs mouths. Yes golf is a sport.

  • Yes, though in a loose sense.

    Golf is a sport, just as badminton and volleyball are. You don't have to extremely physically exert yourself in order to have something considered to be a sport. Sport also involves intellect and analysis and luck! Golf has enough of a history and is competitive enough to certainly be considered a sport.

  • You must be fit to play golf, like other sports.

    People compare golf to other hobbies like billiards, or chess. This is because of mental strength being a huge part of all three things. The difference is, golfers need to be in shape. Although you'll get the occasional J.H. Taylor or John Daly, there is still the Harry Vardon or Tiger Woods who defeats them because of the shape they are in. The greatest golfers find a way to make their bodies better in order to make their game better. Also, the mental strength needed is only needed because of the physical actions of the player, unlike chess, where moving the chess piece is a choice, not taking a chance.

  • Of course golf is a sport

    If bowling, fishing and darts are sports then golf is definately a sport. Look in a dictionary and look up sport it fits the description aswell as any other sport does. Golf is physical. You bloody swing a club. Plus it means you have to walk like 4 miles every round

  • Golf is a sport

    Anyone thinks it is easy to play. As a high school player, I know it is much harder than it looks. 1) you aren't allowed to use a golf cart and are required to walk and carry your bag all 18 holes. 2) it requires muscle to get the ball where you want it 3) it requires concentration. Also very hard to do while play while you are listening spoiled rich kids saying how they were only there to make it look good on college whereas you were there because you practice and beat everyone trying out to be on varsity

  • Its a sport

    I have no interest what so ever in golf. In fact I hate everything about it, but it is a sport. Anything that requires strategic thinking, has a league, association, has fans, has a plan of when and where it takes place, can't be performed without a tool,(ball, puck, gun, fishing pole, horse, vehicle, etc.) keeps score, has rules and penalties, and sponsors a company or IS sponsored then its a sport. Regardless of athletic ability, anything that meets these requirements is a sport.

  • Absolutely! No Doubt!

    Golf is definitely a sport, it may not be physical like some sports are, but it requires so much patients and concentration. Most of the people who don't think Golf is a sport have never even played the game, you cant judge a book by its cover. Yes, golf looks easy but it really is not, it is so much harder to hit the ball where it needs to go than it looks. Golf requires hours and hours of practice just to be ok and it takes even longer to become good.

  • Death to golf

    Golf isnt a sport because its never been in the Olympics and its really only for rich people .Also golf is boring to watch and its really slow unlike football or soccer even volleyball.One last thing golf is hard to play and its hard to find a pro to help you

  • No, anyone can play it.

    In real sports like basketball, soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, gymnastics, boxing, etc., you actually have to be in physical shape to play in the sport. If you aren't in shape, you clearly have a disadvantage over your opponent. In golf you can eat a freaking burger, have someone carry your clubs, and drive from whole to whole, and still play pretty good. So there is no way golf can be considered an actual sport.

  • Golf is not a sport

    In professional golf each golfer hits the ball with his club, then gives his club to another guy who puts it in a bag. The golfer then sits in the back of a golf cart and is driven to where the ball has landed. This makes for little actual physical activity

  • Golf is a game. Golf is played against the course not another person. Thus it is a game.

    Watch the Open Championship, at the first tee the golfers are announced as playing in game 1,2,3 etc. Golf is a game. A sport is contested amongst contestants, people. The course is not, of course a person. Thus This defines golf as a game in the pur sense of the word.

  • There is no defense...

    Golf is absolutely not a sport. Yes theres history, but everything has history. You state that it is competitive enough to be considered a sport, well I argue that is false. If you play poker that is as competitive as the game of golf. Furthermore golf is to be considered a hobby and not a sport. Tiger Woods is the greatest hobbyist of all time.

  • It's not a sport

    Because it does not require as much physical activity as real sports and in my opinion it could be considered more as a thinking sport. You do not need to move a lot and the only main purpose of it is to get a random golf ball into a whole.

  • You can play golf while.. .. .

    You can play while drinking and smoking, you don't need to carry your own gear, sure, there is skill involved but there's no athleticism, that determines whether it is a sport or not, in my opinion of course. I wonder when we'll see chess or darts at the Olympic games as well.. .. ..

  • Golf is not a sport because sports require direct physical competition.

    Golfers do compete physically with each other, but only indirectly rather than directly. True sports require athletes to compete directly with each other. Golf does not require one to be athletic to play, or even play well, and there is no direct physical competition. In addition, golf is a game which cannot be won.

  • Continued from previous

    I don't know how many of you play video games, but in today's video game dominated society, there is something called "Electronic Sports" (aka eSports). ESports is a term for organized video game competitions of professionals. I for one would not count video games as sports, but the competitions found at major eSports tournaments involve major strategic thinking, are part of leagues and associations, have thousands of fans paying tickets to attend, have plans of when and where they take place, can't be performed without computer mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors etc., keep score, have rules, regulations, and penalties, and have sponsors. I don't know where this definition came from, but I according to this definition, a video game is a perfect example of a sport.

    I assume that the avid golf supporters either had terrible experiences with actual sports, or are just really delusional. There is no other reason for people to say that golf is a sport besides extreme personal opinions. I have no hatred for golf, I think it is a perfectly respectable hobby that requires a lot of skill, but to call it a sport is plain wrong.

  • Is this even an argument?

    Before scrolling through the comments of the people who said that golf is a sport, I expected to find at least one valid argument. After looking through them, I was mildly interested, but not too surprised to have found none.

    The argument that there are fat people in baseball is, simply put, stupid. The only fat players are the pitchers or the first basemen, who have to move about a foot or two each play. They are not athletic. However the rest of the players in baseball have to run, dive, field, jump, catch, throw, slide, and swing a bat.

    While I see how golf supporters desperately clutch to the excuse that golfing involves some physical exertion because at some courses you have to walk to every hole, that has nothing to do with actual golf. While you may be walking some distance, you are not competing against anybody by walking, you are simply getting to your next destination. I could say that walking from the dugout to home plate involves a ton of different muscles and requires physical exertion, but that has nothing to do with competing against opponents, but it has nothing to do with me competing against somebody.

    I don't understand why golf supporters compare golf to other "sports" like bowling or fishing, or even in the most recent post, chess, and then claim that it is as much a sport as those. I don't know who thinks those things are sports, but I know I don't. And to say that having it in the Olympics makes it a sport is absurd. They have shooting in the Olympics too, would I say that is a sport? Hell no.

    Video games are competitive, spelling bees are competitive, hot dog eating competitions are competitive, does that make them sports? The basis that something is competitive has no impact on whether it is a sport or not. On that note, how does golf having a history have anything to do with it being a sport? That one confused me.

    On one of the posts, the person commented "golf is a sport, just as badminton and volleyball are. You don't have to extremely physical". That is just flat out wrong. I can understand if the person has never played either of those sports before, but both of them, volleyball especially, require amazing athleticism to be played. Comparing golf to either of them would be like comparing a 5k to a marathon; in no way shape or form do they require at all similar amounts of athleticism.

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