• Better buy walking shoes every week than golfing every week.

    Its much healthier to spend your hard earned money on walking shoes as exercise than playing golf. With the high cost of fees plus equipment and accessories, its not wise to spend money on golf. Do you invest $50 per week in an investment fund? Your financial return would be much better if you do.

  • Golf Expensive Sport

    The cost to play golf is extremely expensive. The cost to have a membership at a golf club or country club is insane. Aside from the memberships, a person wanting to play would have to purchase the necessities (clubs, balls, clothing, etc). The closet some people can get to golf is the local put-put golfing.

  • Inflation has done it's job:

    The prices to participate for consumers have gone up. $10 cheap green fees are now $50 at reputable courses and the times where it was more accessible to the lower and middle class, esp. With the struggles of the middle class to stay afloat, have taken their toll causing fees to rise even more in the face of the economic turmoil.

  • Can neither confirm nor deny but totally agree.

    I can neither confirm nor deny whether golf is getting too expensive. I can however express my honest opinion that Golf has always been an over priced "sport". Much like pee-wee, junior, varsity, college, and university sports, golf should not require a minimum payment/due to play. The fact that it is mainly a private club driven "sport" is ludicrous.

  • Golf is getting too exespensive

    I think that gold is getting to be too much of an expensive sport to be involved in. With the cost of landscaping large amounts of land and their upkeep to the expensive products such as clubs balls and golf carts many, golfers can not afford all of these things.

  • No, something is worth what the market dictates.

    There is a high demand for golf right now. But, golf is seen historically as an affluent sport, which causes the price to escalate to price some people out. This seems counter intuitive, but if golf courses lost the exclusive appeal that draw many in, it would fall in popularity.

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