• Good Friday is the reason Jesus walked as a human

    Jesus's crucifixion on the cross is why God sent him. Jesus died on the cross to pay the ransom of a fallen world, to forgive each and every persons sinful nature and to bridge the chasm man and woman placed between us and our Creator. Jesus took on all the sin of each and every human being that ever has lived and will live to make our relationship with God right. Since God is perfect and He cannot be with sin, it is postulated Jesus was separated from God for a time as Jesus bore the insurmountable weight of our sin.

    Easter represents the resurrection, which is very significant, but the resurrection is what "proved" to his followers and others that he was the Messiah. It is considered the centerpiece of Christianity for that reason, but it was Jesus' death that healed our broken relationship with God.

  • Revelation of Jesus as God on Good Friday

    Throughout the history of world religions, many human beings have resurrected themselves. Christ's resurrection is insufficient proof of his divinity. Christ reveals himself to be the son of God on the cross when he prays for those who are crucifying him. Only God can do that. By taking up his cross, we too can hope realize that mercy, compassion, and other-worldly love.

  • I suppose it depends on whether you know your history.

    Good Friday is much more important if you're a Christian.

    Easter is much more important if you're Pagan. After all, nowhere in the Bible does it state anything about colorful eggs, baskets, or even Lent. This day was (in Paganism) for the celebration of the rebirth of Spring, in which Ishtar hatched from an egg and so on and so forth.

    Christians celebrate this day as Jesus' resurrection because when Christianity was outlawed and prosecuted in ancient times, they turned to other faiths' holidays to practice their religions in secrecy. This is also why Christmas is on December 25 rather than in August.

    I don't know when exactly Jesus really did die or anything of that nature, but it wasn't in April. In any case, I'd say Good Friday would be more important because it didn't borrow from any other traditions, and is a true Christian holiday.

  • They are Equal Holidays

    Easter and Good Friday are equally important. Good Friday is the day Jesus died for our sins. Easter Sunday is the day that he resurrected and showed us that he is the savior and will return for us, forgiving us of our sins. He is the true savior and king.

  • Good Friday is not more important

    Good Friday is not more important than Easter. This is because both days represent very important parts of history. One would not be good without the other. In addition, a lot of togetherness and happy children occur on Easter Sundays with special dinners and Easter baskets, and our country needs happiness and togetherness.

  • I think that both are equally important.

    For me both Good Friday and Easter have significance. Unfortunately though both can sometimes be downplayed. When I was in school we called Good Friday by its name and we got the day off. Now school's refer to it as Spring Recess and don't mention Good Friday at all. The same with Eater it seems like some want to just concentrate on the commercialism of the day and not the spiritual side.

  • Good Friday is not more important than Easter

    Good Friday is a day to allow people to start celebrating Easter early, in my opinion. Easter is the day the Jesus rose from the dead and should be the only day that is celebrated. Good Friday has no meaning to this historic event and is not important at all.

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