• Life Measured by Aesthetics

    Life is best measured by aesthetics more often than not. Aesthetically pleasing things are good for one's life, and a life filled with such things must be good. Therefore, aesthetics are a great measure of one's life, but that doesn't mean that they're the best measure available for human beings.

  • I definitely think that the good life is usually best measured by aesthetics.

    I definitely think that the good life is usually best
    measured by aesthetics. People can only
    see tangible things. They can’t see your
    intentions. They can’t see whether you
    have a good heart or not. They can only
    judge success or failure according to what material items you can afford to possess

  • Playing the devils advocate. :-)

    By all means, Yes. Why just yesterday, after I parked by brand new Red, Polished, and Waxed Ferrari. I went into the museum of "Fine Arts" and spent a few hours admiring all the Beautiful works....My personal favorite was the "Mirror". Something about the image in that mirror that just makes me smile. MMMM HMMM. Oh, and the fashion model runway...... To die for. Why with all the beautiful people I have seen I am ready to die right now, fulfilled and satisfied with my shallow but Beautiful Life. MMM HMMM

  • Aesthetics Has No Bearing on Good

    I do not believe a good life can be best measure by aesthetics. Aesthetics is subjective and plays not real part in the quality of life for a person. A persons looks or appearance doesn't tell you anything about the quality of their life or how they view life overall.

  • No it is not.

    A good life is measured by the individual person and what makes them happy. For me a good life is having friends to enjoy my time with and a family who I love. For others it might mean success in a their work, or finding a great career and going far.

  • Good Life Is Subjective

    I do not believe one can measure the success of ones life by aesthetics. I believe people can have a good life under an array of circumstances. Measuring the "goodness" of ones life is a totally subjective topic than could lead to an array of different answers. Many people lead good, but plain and simple lives and they are just as well of, if not better than those that primp and pay to maintain their appearance.

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