• It matters because ...

    Penmanship is important when it comes to writing on important papers. Penmanship is still needed in daily life, the majority of examinations are still hand written, poor handwriting can cause lower scores on tests, and impede school performance. It boosts confidence and puts focus on content. The more you write, the better you are at writing, the better you are at writing, the better grades you get, the better grades you get, the better you do in school, if you do better in school, you will have a more successful life. Handwriting can go a long way, especially when it comes to school.
    Penmanship is an everyday communication skill. If teachers cannot read students work, they cannot properly grade. If bosses, friends, or colleagues cannot read a note, that note is useless, a person cannot give their boss a useless note, what will they do if the message is very important?
    Handwriting promotes clear thought and natural structure.

  • Penmanship, yes -- "Cursive", no.

    Cursive -- specifically Palmer-Method Cursive -- is ONLY ONE FORM of longhand script-writing, and far from the best of them. Other forms -- like Italic or Copperplate -- are much more legible, easier to learn, quicker to teach, and keep their legibility long after the student leaves school. Cursive, on the other hand, readily degenerates into that illegible scribble for which doctors are notorious (but unfortunately not alone!), which has caused thousands of deaths from "medical error", as any nurse or pharmacist can tell you. Yes, teach penmanship in the schools, but teach the kids a better form than this! If only for the lives it has cost us, Cursive deserves to die.

  • It matters because ...

    Good handwriting matters because sometimes your electronics don't work or you don't want to use them. Also, there is research (citations on request) showing that /a/ we are better at remembering things we write/print by hand than things we keyboard, and /b/ kids learn to read better when their reading/letter-recognition exercises involve handwriting (of any form) rather than just keyboarding.

  • Good penmanship is not needed.

    When writing, good penmanship is not necessary. I understand that it must be readable but you can type something up. For example, if you are writing a paper and your handwriting is not neat, you could type it up. It is easier to type if your penmanship is not the best.

  • Why do we need it

    I think that if we needed to have good handwriting than we wouldn't have e-mail Twitter Facebook and texting. Why would we need to have perfect handwriting in this day and age. I mean really how much of your work involves other people reading something that isn't typed that's right not very much

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