• Google is very smart

    In all honesty, Google is the only search engine I find myself using these days whenever I need to look something up online. Not to mention, Google has really expanded out with no content, such as Google play and newer enhancements with mobile phones. Yes, Google is a very respectable company.

  • Yes, Google does some good things.

    In saying Google is a good company, that is not without its reservations. It may be starting to infringe on people's privacy and doing other things we can not be aware of. However, Google has made access to information for the average person a simple and handy process and should be lauded just on that field alone.

  • Google is Great! But. . .

    To begin with, I'm not saying Google is horrible (Its my default browser, To be truthful its a great search engine in general, And if that is all you want to know then, Yes it is a good ), However (just my opinion, ((and don't quote me on this))) Google is, How to put it? Intrusive. Whatever you search. Bam- Google will track it, On incognito? Better, But still to no avail, Google is tracking that. The part which really gets me is that (and I could be completely wrong here), Google sells your information to other companies. Now in conclusion I'm just giving this information up for you to read and make your own concision, There are other, Perfectly valid points on the "yes" side. And just for clarification I do use Google, Beside the facts I stated above, I adore Google, Its doing (I can't emphasize this enough), Alt of great noble deeds in the real world. So here you have it, The end of my argument!

    I hope you have a wonderful day! , Thanks for reading :D

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