• Anything Google Does Succeeds

    Google's stock is one of the highest in the world at $600+ per share. There is a reason for it--Google makes what people want. The social networking website Google+ is bound to overtake Facebook at some point. Social networking is hard to spin or come up with something new. The key to making a good social network is simplicity, and that's what Google excels at.

  • Yes, Google+ is a threat to Facebook? With the increasing number of Facebook members complaining about the lack of privacy on Facebook, Google+ has positioned itself to gain disgruntled Facebook users.

    An example of how Facebook has little regard for its users are the new Facebook pages the were created for Facebook couples without their knowledge or consent. Many of the Facebook users that have been included in new Facebook pages for couples have come forward in protest in the news media. Google+ offers many more privacy features than Facebook and they are gaining many new users each day.

  • Facebook is a Gold mine.

    Since when can Google+ affect facebook-facebook is living in gold-billions of dollars rich, so honestly threats don't really matter at this point as Facebook is already succeeded and established and poularized-I don't really believe that Google+ can steal billions of dollars in the dead of night from facebook...and anyways its google-why would they even care about threatening facebook-does it really matter to either side? Probably not-so why even bother debating about it? Unknown, as this doesn't make that much sense to me why this topic is even up here :/

  • No

    There was a time when people were starting to get Google+, but that didn't last very long. The two share a similar platform amongst social media and that idea alone is already competing with sites like Twitter and Tumblr. People just don't have the desire to experiment with another social media that will service the same purpose as the one that they already have well established.

  • No is my best answer..

    Why? In my opinion both companies have problems understanding their customers and the people that use their sights. Often times google only caters to its self as much as facebook. Example: Google is removing the custom background option with out any real good reason. If anything is a threat to facebook its a company that would care more than they do.

  • Google+ has nothing on Facebook.

    Personally, I know how strong Facebook is. All of my friends use Facebook if they use the internet. I don't believe anyone even takes Google+ seriously. It's like beta max versus VHS, it was a weak attempt at best. Google+ is not going to have the following that Facebook has.

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