• Google is widespread and diverse

    Google is creating many things such as Google Glass and Google Wear, whereas since Steve Jobs passed away Apple has not invented too many new products. Google is also more popular and more people use it than they use Apple. Apple is not as flexible as google and often infuriates many users.

  • Yes! Go Google!

    Apple is a great company, but I think Google does not get enough praise. They have made an amazing operating system, with widgets, customization, speed, and more. I believe their software is better then apples, but that is just my opinion. Some may have androids phone and say they are slow, but you need to realize that they are open source. This means that any phone can put their operating system on anything. So if you find a really cheap android phone, it is probably not very good. You need to find the good android phones, such as Nexus, Samsung Galaxy s 4/5, Moto X, and more. They have the later versions of android, good cameras, and fast processors.

    One of the best points to make: APPLE PRODUCTS ARE OVERPRICED

  • Google is better

    Google s phones get better and better each year yet I phones get prettier each year, nothing changes. The change from ios 6 to ios 7 was the apps changed in looks. But nothing changed in the features, it stayed the same. Google changes for the better each new phone

  • Google's more diverse offerings make it a better offering than Apple.

    With the introduction of Google Fiber, Google is establishing that it is technologically more diverse than Apple. Apple's success has primarily been in the phone and tablet categories. Google, however, is venturing into larger projects that include the arena of television, which Apple has yet to deliver despite rampant rumors. The propriety of Apple's software also frustrates a lot of users.

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  • Google is gimmicky

    Apple releases real products people can use now. The google ecosystems feels and looks beta, unpolished and not ready for public consumption. Google search is the only product from google that I use. Docs....Cmon, who can get real work done on that. Email...Is that even worth mentioning. Google is an ad company....They sell you. Apple is about real products that real people rely on to do real tangible things. Music, movies and print media rely heavily on apples ecosystem and without them there would be no Google. Google can't even compete with iPhone much less Apple as a whole.

  • Apple is better than Google.

    Apple is better than Google. Apple actually has products that do a wide variety of things. While Google is more of a web based company and they do a great job at creating web based products that simplify your daily life, Apple has real, tangible products which are more appealing.

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Anonymous says2013-09-21T16:56:03.550
I feel neither is "better" than the other, both have their merits and depending on what you need in a device/OS you should make a choice based on that. But neither is better or worse than the other