• More space, faster and cheaper

    I have moved from dropbox to google drive for my business and find it faster more integrated and cheaper $1.99 for 100 gig. With Spanning backup it is the ultimate solution.

    PS: Please do not tell me that Dropbox keeps files for 30 days or that you have packrat, the same company doing the back up is not DR

  • Google Drive Has More Features Than Dropbox

    I feel that Google has utilized its cloud storage service to better help individuals with on-the-go editing and customization. Unfortunately, Dropbox is essential for storing large amounts of files but that's it's only feature. With Google Drive you can store files and edit office-related files on-the-go. In addition, Google Drive has almost matched the features that Dropbox has, including the shared folder directly on the PC's desktop that eliminates the need to open a browser and sign-in to access the cloud files.

  • App support, more advanced features, and everything that Dropbox has to offer.

    Free space is 15GB vs. 5GB for Dropbox
    Can buy more space with your money
    Every feature that Dropbox has Drive has. (e.G. File folder client for PC/Mac/Linux)
    Compatible with many third party apps (e.G. Photo editors, code editors, music players,etc.)
    Drive offers Google Docs productivity suite vs. Dropbox has none
    Better overall

  • I love anything Google!

    Yes! Google Drive is much better than Dropbox if only for the compatibility that Google products offer. Since they are all integrated with each other it only makes sense to use Google whenever possible because you will have many more features available to you. If something does it all why would you use anything else?

  • Google Drive is superior to Dropbox because of the integrated "all in one" experience.

    Google Drive is superior to Dropbox because of the integrated "all in one" experience that Google offers. I currently use Gmail as well as Google Voice and Google Docs, so all of my data is centralized within one ecosystem. With Google Drive, it's incredibly easy to maintain and access your files using Google's strong backbone and support infrastructure.

  • Yes, It Is Better Than Dropbox

    The wonderful thing about Google is that all of its services are integrated. So, if you use Gmail and a lot of the other services, it is much more convenient to have that integration. It's so much easier to have one account and one password for everything than multiple accounts with multiple passwords.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Has a Logo

    Dropbox has a way better logo! Way, Way, Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, WayWay, Way, Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way, Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way Way, Way better!

  • Definitely not. No Comparison

    Dropbox is a plug and play solution and in the 2 years that I've been using it, it never let me down. Its much faster than Google drive and I love the 1 click link sharing from the desktop. Google just keeps matching the features one by one and atleast with google drive they didn't come up with any revolutionary feature themselves.

  • Google drive crashes when you get a new machine & syncs more slowly

    I've used dropbox & google drive & microsoft Skydrive extensively. Dropbox kills them all. It simply works, all the time & every time. You hit save, and documents/files immediately begin uploading to dropbox & the moment the upload is complete, files immediately begin downloading to my macbook, and my assistant's macbook. Files stay synced. With google drive or skydrive, it can take minutes before the sync begins. This sucks if you finish a PowerPoint on your imac. Hit save & need to dash out the door to your presentation, but the file won't sync over to the macbook immediately. Drive & skydrive totally fail in this instance. Dropbox has never let me down.

  • Simply put.. no.

    I have heard of google drive, but I have never had a problem with dropbox. Google are always copying other products and releasing pointless things. eg:Google plus and facebook. Computer savvy people that I have talked to are happy with dropbox and will not be switching over to google drive.

  • No, it is not.

    As someone who uses both of these cloud storage services, I say that Dropbox is a much better service than Google Drive. Dropbox allows me to easily browse my documents on my computer, while Google Drive forces me to go to the web. Both are good, but Dropbox is much better.

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mrmanishs says2015-01-03T23:54:01.730
Another option that is not discussed which I love is - it's simply a better solution. $3.99/mo for unlimited storage, you can't beat that.