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  • Ricerche fuorvianti su google

    Sempre più frequentemente i risultati di Google non sono i più attendibili e pertinenti. Ad un'attenta analisi, facendo uso di parole chiave per nulla generiche, succede di ritrovare nei primi risultati di ricerca, numerosi link a siti di notizie fuorvianti, per evitare di finire su siti che ledono l'interesse dei colossi del cinema, dell'informazione, del software etc....
    In sostanza, le ricerche non rispettano e non rispecchiano più i potenti ed esclusivi algoritmi matematici, pertinenti e logici, ma iniziano a seguire la tendenza di lasciarsi influenzare da interessi economici, di marketing, di profitto e, non di meno, di scelte politiche.
    Ma come per tutte le aziende basate sul profitto, il potere non viene esercitato esclusivamente dai soldi, anzi, in ultima istanza, il potere sono le persone/gli utenti.
    Dunque, per non cedere troppo potere in favore di soli pochi attori (Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc...) meglio iniziare a pensare diversamente, consiglio di abbandonare progressivamente le confortevoli navi da crociera per tornare ad usare le care vecchie amiche barche a remi.

  • Google is forcing us to change our ways

    Google started off with the "Don't be Evil" mantra in direct opposition to the approach taken by Microsoft. Gmail was a refreshing change from the likes of Hotmail. Google insisted that we should be allowed to access OUR email however WE wanted. They gave us a web client, but made it easy to use SMTP, POP, IMAP protocols, and provided an API that could be used across many clients. Then all of a sudden, they changed. They suddenly decided that if we were not using THEIR client, and THEIR ecosystem, that they would make life difficult. Clients to their calendar on old tech such as Symbian suddenly got switched off. Life is now being made more difficult for people wishing to use non-browser clients by adding a new 'opt in' security option. How long before they block non-Android/Chrome clients altogether? They are losing their way and becoming the monster that they once so opposed.

  • Insidiously creeping into YOUR private life

    Cameras on motorways, logging and passing on your web habits, wanting your location, what more do you really need to know?
    Turn it all off. Turn it all off NOW. Google wants to run your life to make billions. One day in the future Goggle could in effect become a government. Coming from a pre internet age i struggle to see why people will broadcast their very personal details to the world. Google loves you for that.

  • Altruism no longer features in the Google psyche. Not even 1%.

    Google has lost it's way, and become just another multinational; avoiding tax,, removing dissent, and extracting as much cash as possible from every scenario.
    It's not necessary, and could be reversed.
    Please, before EVERYONE turns against the new Google, have a rethink.
    The tipping point is very close, soon the majority of the worlds population will be looking for a Google replacement, and they WIll find it, that's the power of the internet.. The backlash could be fierce, and end up destroying all the good work that Google used to do, along with the bad.

  • Google is going to manipulate search results

    Limiting its visitors to use restrict search results and forcing them to insert extra words. For me this alone is enough to declare "Google is turning Evil" Other Sign of evilness are like not making Chrome customize friendly, stealing user data and hiding/changing web search results for its own interests.

  • Yes, yes it it

    Google knows your search history, which by default makes it a really obsessed overly attached girlfriend. It also knows all of the kind of porn you look up, which makes Google an evil spy who invades your privacy to. Google also cant wait until you finish typing a sentence to try to start guessing what youre trying to say, which again makes google a super annoying girlfriend.... Google always spell-checks you too ebcause Google likes to be a know-it-all.... If all of those things dont make someone evil then I dont know what does

  • Google is a model company. I would love to see other companies following their examples of business.

    Google provides a very fast, effective and acurate service. They also do it without charging the direct users. They are uniqly talented at finding creative and motivated staff and uses them to solve problems effectivly and creativly. They are a prime example of an well oiled operation and the goverment would be lucky to have an operation comperable to them.

  • Google is useful and helpful

    Goggle is a wonderful tool for many Internet users. It allows you to type anything in the search engine bar and find literally hundreds to thousands of responses for whatever you are looking to search. There is no perfect system when it comes to Internet search engines but Google is continually improving and making many Internet users lives easier.

  • Google is not evil

    Truthfully we don't know if Google is evil or not. We don't know if many entities in our lives are good or evil. Is the waiter bringing you a glass of water or taking your credit card at the end of a meal evil? While it may make us uncomfortable sometimes Google is really like a new butler. If you've never had a butler, the prospect of having a stranger live in your house and observe your daily activities may seem intrusive and risky. Sometimes the butler really is evil and will steal from you in the future. More likely he is just determined to be a good butler since he knows that betrayal of trust is not a sustainable way to live.

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