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  • Google Glass is Not Next Big Thing

    No, Google Glass is not the "Next Big Thing" as Glass is little more than a tech toy at the moment. Though Google claims it will have tons of functionality, all I presently see is a pair of glasses that can check email and take pictures. Using a smartphone seems to be easier and have more functionality.

  • Google Glass is just not going to happen

    Google Glass solves a problem nobody knew they had. Before it was introduced, people were not looking for a computer in their glasses. Glass is a cool piece of technology, but it costs $1,500 and it looks really ugly. People don't want to buy something that makes them look worse, especially when it doesn't have any real advantage over a top of the line smartphone.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-16T00:12:15.273
Wearable devices that feature ease of use and augmented reality are the next big thing. Whether the spearheaded technology found on google glass is it has yet to be seen.