• Google Is Making Human Memory Obsolete

    Yes, Google, specifically its search engine, is making human memory obsolete. With the ability to locate any information on any topic at the press of a button, there is little reason to commit that information to memory. Thus, Google's search engine is rapidly making human memorization to be quite obselete.

  • Yes, it is making the memory obsolete.

    Though it is the finest and the quickest way to get information, it surely has an effect on human memory. The average google searches has increased from 9800 in 1998 to about 4 trillion today. People only rely on google since its a source of info at fingertips. We are relying on google to store knowledge- long term rather than the brain.

  • No, it tends to expand it

    Just because Google is there whenever a question needs to be answered does not necessarily make human memory obsolete. Memory will always be important, and internet access will not always be available. When humans are exposed to more information because of Google and the internet, they can remember more. Human memory is something that is said to be nearly infinite, so it will adapt with technological advances.

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