Is Google making it unnecessarily difficult for people to be "forgotten"?

  • Yes they are

    Everything stays on Google for forever it seems. It is incredibly difficult to clear stuff from there, I am not even sure how you would make sure that everything is deleted off the internet and from the google data base unless you had some serious techie experience or you were part of the government.

  • You Have Been "Googled"!

    Anonymity is lost forever. Is this truly a side effect of rapidly changing, technology driven times? Or should we just comply with the cards we are dealt if we want to live in this Facebook, Twitter, Tinder loving society?

    All we can do is live a "clean", online "blip" free existence. Is it harder than it seems? Not really! Have we forgotten the days when we did not publish our entire existence for the world to see? I feel the need to go back to the basics. Telephone or in person conversations. Social rendezvous' to communicate what transpires in our daily lives. Meeting people/dates in social settings. I, personally, crave a little social interaction.

  • Yes, Google is making it too difficult for the average Joe to keep a low profile.

    In the current reigning digital age, the amount of information produced about a given individual is often staggering. What is a little terrifying is that in many cases, it is difficult if not impossible to keep this information from general public access. Sure, it's understandable that Google wants to ensure the integrity of its vast stores of data; after all, this is the ultimate source of the power and effectiveness of many of its products. Still, though, if people want to keep a low digital profile, Google should help them do this.

  • Being Forgotten Isn't A Promised Right

    Being forgotten isn't a promised right as far as I know. I do not believe this is Google making it difficult, I think this is the common person not understanding how the internet works. You can't erase yourself from the internet, it's simply not possible. It's like a rolling historical record.

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