• With Ray Kurzweil, yes

    With Ray Kurzweil as top engineer or whatever, then yes. Nevertheless, this isn't a bad thing. Imagine that in twenty years time Google says "remember that article on Puerto Rican Heavy Metal you were looking for? Well, 500,000 miliseconds ago a new article on it has just been published on Jstor". I mean, THAT is taking it too far... AI Google. But it is a good thing they are taking it far: Hobbits traveled far also.

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whooplaah says2016-02-22T19:51:17.937
What is "it"? Are they too big as a corporation, are they reaching into too many tech fields, are they lobbying too much, or did they invent some sort of new unethical tech?
I cannot answer this question. It is too vague.