• Of Course it is!

    Google runs so much faster and smoother, And has better quality and the layout is so simple and easy to understand. It is also very commonly used and very popular. Now im not writing a whole debate here, Im just giving one small reason on why i love google. Thanks

  • It Is Everything.

    Google is used by everyone. It is the heart and soul of the internet itself and includes the most results out of any search engine. This ensures that it is the most accurate, And has the most results. It means that in an instant, You can get accurate, Reliable information. Google is extremely popular. It is used by almost everyone. It has a very familiar interface and gives one of the best user experiences.

  • Google is the best

    You can search anything and it gives you a choice of lots of different websites. It helps people learn things it is also fast and reliable. It is also faster than internet explorer, Bing and many other search engines.
    Thank you for reading my debate on if google is the best search engine

  • Google is awesome

    Google is amazeballs because everyone uses it, and it is by far better than the others. Google is really easy to use, and comes up with the best results. Also, even though this isnt as important, googles layout is much nicer than some of the others, and i prefer using it compared to bing and yahoo

  • Yes, it definitely is.

    Yes, Google is definitely the best search engine. They have been around for a very long time and they have a lot of experience in perfecting the search engine. Yahoo might have been around longer, but it is far from a smooth search engine experience. Bing is second best, but I don't believe that it has what it takes to beat Google any time soon.

  • Google Search Engine

    I personally think that Google is the best search engine because individuals have used Google for a very long time. I personally think that Google is the best search engine because you are able to research anything and everything. I personally think that Google is the best engine because with Google you can listen to music as well as watch videos. Google is the best search engine because it has a lot to offer.

  • by far the best

    Yes, I think that google has the best search engine on the internet, for the quality and accuracy of the results that pop up for your search. They have everything about every topic that you would ever want to research, and many different search media you can look up to.

  • Sure it runs smooth. . . But what good does it do?

    I am not saying that Google isn't amazing. The script and code run so smoothly. However, There are many alternatives to Google, That donate profits to good causes. An example is Ecosia, A search engine that donates 80 percent of its profits to planting trees, In areas that have been deforested. It runs only slightly less smooth than google. And are you really so petty and selfish, You wouldn't sacrifice a few cool features, To save the environment?

    Posted by: GDW
  • No, Google is not the best search engine.

    Google is not the best search engine because of their predatory policies. You can not search for anything on Google without them data mining your information. This allows them to determine what you are searching for and skews your searching results. There are just as effective search engines out there that don't invade your privacy and return the results better results.

  • There are negatives.

    No, Google is not the best search engine, because there are some downsides that outweigh the good sides. Google is good in that they have a very good algorithm that produces good results. But Google takes a great deal of time for new websites to rank high in search engines, making them hard to find off the bat.

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