• YES - their search algorithm is damaging my wifes business!

    I am in the unfortunate position of appearing in Google searches with an offence that attracted a Comunity Service Order. It appeared in the Local On-line news. Whenever potential customers look up my wifes details - up I pop like a bad penny! I accept this is my lot - but it seems totally unfair that Googles algorithm now see's fit to link my Wife to my misdemeour as well. Yet we are seemingly powerless to get any links from searches for her name producing my details. Interestingly BING and similar searches DO NOT produce the same results and focus more accurately on details about my wife ONLY.

  • Time to end Google?

    Google is not only big brother watching us, and suckering our data, but big brother preaching us his will. If the first thing I have to do, after buying an Android-Google smartphone - and wanting an app - any app -, is going to the Google app store, where I have to register - then this company has gone too far, in my opinion.

  • Yes, they spy on us....

    They know where we are going with their "maps," they know what we searched up and when, they know our interests, so they use they ads "customized" for us, and the worse part is, we can't even avoid using them. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:





    The moral of the story? If google decides to leak your info, look out! FireFox anyone?

  • Yes, they monopolize the industry and force others to move the way they do.

    Google is a monopoly and far too invasive upon its clientele. They dominate the industry and own the whole industry. They have built a good brand, but every one of their acquisitions has been in an effort to track its users and make a profit off of them. They control the advertisement through this. They even use Android to track user history to make a profit off of you. This is a truly unique circumstance that no other company follows. Google absolutely abuses its powers and in no way are the companies the opponent stated are competing with Google. Google is an advertisement company not a technology company.

  • Kindof maybe? Sometimes

    Google can turn your device into a brick, google can implant viruses anytime it wants into google search and google drive and google services and use it to spy and destroy files and possibly destroy computers. Google can do that and probably will some day in the near or far future.

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  • There is not a rule that says for someone to control their success

    Google is powerful and big but is not competing to be classified a monopoly. So i think no google is not too powerful but is successful and has expanded a lot. It is not its fault that other companies haven't expanded as big as google and isn't as successful all they need is too try harder

  • No its not

    Google has your answers, and you have the questions simple as that. Dont get how you got this question on your head. (and was answered most likely using google to get here and getting it answered.) So yeah its not simple as that good bye. Its not powerful ok good

  • No, but it can't be abusive in its power.

    Google dominates the mobile industry (Android), the search industry (Google Search), e-mail (Gmail) and more as the tech juggernaut starts to slowly overtake Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, Alibaba, Jolla, and more. Soon it will devour banks in power, and its influence will be spread the world over. But should it be stopped? No. Unless Google starts to abuse its power, then no.

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