• Google's privacy policy is bad

    While we need responsibility for ourselves and what we do, that does not give companies the right to take what is ours to make profit from it's users. As someone once told me an honest business man can still make mint, and it's a debate of good ethics to and for the end user.

  • The Google Privacy policy is bad.

    This policy supposedly created for our "benefit" is a clear infringement of our rights. We have no privacy! Whatever we search online is stored in a database and can be viewed by anyone with the clearance to do so. Sacrificing freedom for protection is not something that should be done lightly, it shouldn't be done at all! And here it isn't even about safety anymore, we are expected to buy their " we do this to better help you" nonsense and can't even say no!This is unacceptable.

  • Two examples of how bad it is.

    First example: today, in 2015, if you take your friend's android and want to look up a video on your YouTube account, you obviously have to sign in right? No big deal yet. Except the fact that once you sign in then sign out, your notifications for your GMail start going to your friends phone. This is just ONE of the bad consequences of their "we're just breaking down silos to make things better for you" attitude; wherever you login, even if you logout, they use your information their and send notifications their.

    Second example: open an incognito tab in Chrome, go to YouTube login and search for whatever you like. Now logout, go to facebook for a second, then go back to YouTube. You will see that even though you have logged out of Google in every way you can think of, the recommendations on YouTube are from your account that you just logged out of... In other words they take your account preferences and start changing whatever machine that you have EVER logged on to.

    Which is really messed up and I don't know how they could ever think this was okay. I'm trying my best to find reasonable alternatives to Google. Luckily more and more people are doing that these days so someone will eventually take advantage of that business.

  • In these days of the social experience people's personal privacy are all too many times trampled.

    Google's privacy policy does little to protect people from what stays private in their day to day online activities. More and more companies are wanting to share more and more with advertisers and sponsors. People are asked to share more and to connect more of their life to their profiles and that information once shared can be used by Google to, in their words, provide a better service and meet the needs of Google users. In other wards they can connect you to who will pay the biggest buck for your advertising and selling needs.

  • Yes, Google's privacy policy is bad.

    Yes, I think that Google's privacy policy is bad and infringes on the basic rights of everyone who tries to use not only Google but also the Internet. I believe that programs offered by Google like Google Earth are infringing on the rights of people to some privacy, and that Google needs to be more forthcoming about privacy issues.

  • Google’s Privacy Policy Is Bad

    Bad within the context, that years of unregulated types of behavior are now coming to forefront, and being questioned by more than just those deeply involved in “cyber law”. Google has established itself as what is called the “reality interface” within the search engine world, and that is to say, normal laymen simply assume that everything on the first page of a Google search is the only material that is relevant. This alone allowed Google to be somewhat manipulative in their set up of their search engine. The policy surrounding privacy issues has been labeled by many to be draconian in nature, and will certainly be exposed as the issues surrounding Internet privacy are visited in more detail.

  • People should take responsibility for whatever they have done

    Keeping records is the foundation of searching.Once you choose google, it means you agree with his working priciples. You should be aware of what you are searching. What's more, you also should be accountable for what you have said and written on the internet. When you criticize google, don't forget you have been benefited a lot from google.

  • No, googles privacy policy is fine.

    I have been a long time user of different Google contraptions and I have never found them to be a problem. If people are complaining about Googles privacy policy than I just don't understand why. Their policy isn't bad or drastically different than any other company. People are just being too sensitive.

  • Google's privacy policy has no bad intentions.

    No, I do not think that Google's privacy policy is bad. Google clearly spells out what their intentions are when users want to use Google, and I do not think that Google is trying to hide any thing. It is a privilege to use Google, and becoming aware of their privacy policy is something all users should do.

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