Is Google's Project Loon really that good of an idea?

  • Yes I think it is a good idea.

    Google's project loon is a really good idea. It will allow people all over the world to connect to the Internet and since much of life and connecting to those who do not live close you is now done online, this will allow people to be in contact and even work wherever they are located. Working online or telecommuting is becoming a way of the world and this will allow others to continue to work online, even if things happen to make the Internet crash. Also it will allow people in other countries access the Internet and begin working online for a more fair wage then they make in their own country.

  • Yes, it is.

    Google's project loon is a very interesting idea, and can be very beneficial to many people. Not everyone is able to have Internet and I believe this project will help connect them with the rest of the world. In toady's society it is hard to be one of the only people without Internet so it will improve their lives.

  • I think its a bad thing

    I think its a bad idea because hackers can hack the loons and hack everyone that is connected to loon. So that would mean that hackers can rule the world. Another reason why its bad is because students can have internet when they aren't suppost to. Thats why i think its a bad idea

  • My question is,

    Is having internet access where ever we go, the only thing we want? I mean, out of all the things you could have done, is giving internet to everyone including even the people who don't need it and cant use it, the only thing you could have used that money for?Sure, internet is pretty damn big thing now, but there are a lot of countries which have people that actually don't use internet but there still giving this balloons to. What I think is, its just a waste of money. People dying out there of some disease and they look up at the sky and see a google loon balloon, is it going to cure them? No.

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