Is GoPro riding on hype rather than having a solid financial platform?

  • GoPro Has Too Much Hype

    GoPro has too much hype. It is not a good investment and instead of being a platform, it is just a camera. hardware vendor. It would be more sustainable if it was something to invest in long term. Instead, it is just being hyped by the Youtube channel. It may be cool, but there is way too much hype.

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    There are certain groups of people that rave about the GoPro, but I can say that I've never seen one being used in real life that wasn't an advertisement on TV. I think with better cell phone cameras there really is no need for a GoPro. I think their financial statements show the true worth of the company

  • Would rather be short than long GoPro after the IPO pop

    First off, there’s the the Facebook IPO vs Twitter IPO analysis to apply here. I’ve long explained to anyone who cares that the point of the IPO is for the company to maximize how much money it raises for shareholders, which is what the whole point of going public actually is, right? To raise money for the company to be more financially flexible and to be able to invest in the future.
    Facebook, as I’ve written many times, nailed the IPO process, as they got every last possible dime out of the Wall Street IPO machine to bolster the balance sheet and set the company on a long-term course of success. $FB subsequently crashed nearly 50% after the IPO, which everybody called a “disaster” but which gave me and anybody who was paying attention a great opportunity to buy the shares after the company had sold them to Wall Street at a much higher valuation.

  • What is really the Issue With GO PRO

    When deciding certain information in the world, you have to look at what fits the people as a whole and what would really work, not just because of a penny, every time something else come into play with development there are many people who are affected by this. So look at the pros and Cons of the situation before making a blunt decision.

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