• Yes, the GOP's vote amounts to being too little, too late.

    Throughout the past decades, senseless violence has been occurring around the country where countless innocent victims have lost their lives due to senseless abuse of guns and inadequate policy making. The GOP bears a heavy burden on the policy side having continuously fought against gun control, even in the wake of violence. More lives could have been saved if the GOP had considered alternative solutions to the problem at an earlier point in time.

  • Yes, the GOP's vote on gun control is too little, too late.

    The Republican Party has been fighting common sense gun control legislation for many years. Unfortunately, during this time many have fallen victim to gun violence. No, stricter gun laws would not mean an end to gun violence. However, closing some gun law loopholes would help reduce gun violence in the United States. In short, the GOP's vote on gun control may be too little, too late.

  • Yes it is.

    This country has been in dire need of a gun control law. Gun control does not mean getting rid of guns altogether but instead regulating the buy, sell, and trade of said weapons. It is a tool that needs to be treated as such. They are not a luxury and they have killed several innocent people. It is sad that it takes a massive tragedy for people to realize that.

  • It's never too late

    It is never too late to start working on gun control. Now is the time. While no one is seeking to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, it is true that more can be done to stop those will ill intentions from getting access to high-powered rapid-firing weapons with high-capacity magazines. There is always work to be done, so it's great that this issue is moving.

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