• Yes, it is

    Even though governments have a lot of flaws, they provide services such as Police, Fire Department, Healthcare, electricity, water, parks, etc. The government creates laws (now, I'm talking about those basic ones not those ridiculous ones) like no murder, no stealing, no vandalism, no rape, etc. Without government, there would be anarchy and people would do things like looting, killing, raping without consequences.

  • Yes we need the Government

    Even if there was not a government, we still need people to put us in our place( a leader) if there wasn't, it would be chaos. No laws, no money, etc... Even back before they found North America, they had a government, they needed it too. If try didn't, chances are they would have never found North America until now or a little bit after.

  • Si, it is.

    With todays advanced Technology, such as Power, Communication, Fossil Fuels, cars, machine guns, etc. We need a source of organization and funding for our many roads, power lines, bridges, internet access, etc. Having a Government allows better organization and having Police, Firemen, a Defense Military, access to Resources, Safety, Roads, etc. Government is needed for modern Live.

  • No, it contradicts itself.

    As described by the following maxim:

    If there is government, there is hierarchy.
    If there is hierarchy, there is a class system.
    If there is a class system, there is a class that is oppressed.
    If there is a class that is oppressed, there is a class struggle.
    If there is a class struggle, there is instability.
    If there is instability, it will eventually lead to civil war.

    The problem with government is that although it is meant to be an agent of order and safety, all it does is accelerate chaos and civil conflict.

    We elect people into power so they can free themselves, and all they do is enslave the people under useless laws. Instead of guaranteeing our rights, they restrict them. Instead of fulfilling our needs, they push their own personal agenda to retain their position of power.

  • People can live without government.

    Government does not have to exist for a society to exist and prosper. The assertion that without government there could not be order is a myth, as it assumes that government is the only source of authority and structure. Other sources of authority, structure, and order are family, religion, and society itself. In a non-statist society, instead of the government providing consequences for your actions, your fellow man (or woman) would provide consequences, in the form of your reputation. To operate in such society, you would usually have to do business with other people, and your reputation is therefore very important, so if you commit something we would consider a crime, your reputation would suffer. In ways such as this, society provides structure and order without government. While you do not have to agree on which one would be better or worse, the fact remains that the government is not the sole source of authority and order in society, and is theoretically not completely necessary. Historical examples: The "wild" west was not actually that wild, in fact there was structure even without formal legal institutions, the Quaker settlement in modern Pennsylvania had no government before William Penn, but it was peaceful and rather prosperous for a small settlement, Native American tribes often had no government, but instead worked together as a tribe, the city of Harappa on the Indus River, which has no archaeological evidence of any state or government, yet was apparently very wealthy, and most pre-civilization tribes that somehow had order and peace without any semblance of government. In addition, some situations in which there was very little government arose with good results: the Icelandic Commonwealth, which was sadly short-lived but very peaceful and not very impoverished, and the early Islamic civilization, which has been reported through many accounts as having very limited government.

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miles-pro-libertate says2014-04-15T16:50:57.560
I love this site... I post a wall of text explaining how government is not the only source of order and structure, then two more people make posts insisting that we need government for order and organization, with no logical arguments or historical examples to back them up. Top freaking lel.