• Yes, The Government is above the law.

    The US Government contradict themselves by saying stating no one is above the law in the amendments however they adopted the Sovereign immunity from England, this place the government above the law.

    The origin of sovereign immunity can be traced to English common law where the maxim "the king can do no wrong" has been considered by some to be the basis of the doctrine

  • Yes they are

    And Hillary clinton did break it. And she did jeopardize them. And the law has been unilaterally rewritten to shield her from prosecution, so there is no law. There is only “law.” There is only whatever the most powerful say the law is at any given moment. The law is their word. The law is not real.-Matt Walsh blog

  • Also another fact

    Traffic control and border checks not on the border there are a lot of border checks in the u.S but some people might not know that those are illegal because you are not required to do them just like the stops that you see to check if you are a drunk driver those are also illegal so proof that the government and law enforcement are not obeying the constitution

  • They are above the law

    Lets say hypothetically the president for some reason is in the car and is going over the speed limit what happens if you stop him? Can you even stop him if he has the ribbons on his car? And cant he park anywhere he wants and go as fast as he wants? And what about other cops pulling over each other it is corruption as well as not following the law

  • Of course they are

    NSA. It's that simple. Listening to our private phone calls? Killing JFK? I don't see any legitimate investigations for any of this kind of stuff and I don't expect to ever see any. America is the most corrupt country on the face of the earth. Anyone who disagrees doesn't know what they are talking about.

  • Yes they are as the governement does things a civilian cant.

    The government does things that are against the law for a civilian but sense they do it for "our protection" they are allowed to do things that normally would be considered illegal, when in a court of law any form of governement word will mean more than your own, you knowing the truth matters not, they can "bend the rules" to get their way and silence you by making it seem as if you are ignorant/crazy/AWOL/ect. They may be subject to the same laws but have no issues doing things the laws say they cant such as searching all the internet for keywords for "national security" wich most of the time is nothing, what happend to the right of privacy? There is a difference between what we think the law means and what the government says the law means. I'm sure they do things illegally and things that should be known about (that are not) for "our protection" without anyone knowing or bein able to tell without taking on risk of their own. Aliens? Scientifically impossible to not be real, intelligent life forms are a different story and does the government know anything about it? Surely. Just examples. I could go on and on about how the government secretly does things it shouldn't and even if brought to the public light they still get away with it. If I hid aliens or took information from the government surely I would get jail/prison time.

  • Yes it is, unfortunately

    Do I believe it should be? No, BUT IT IS. The government is an organization structured to ensure it's own survival, through endless layers of procedure and protocol an individual's objections are silenced. Thus it has no moral brakes when such issues arise as population reduction(Mass killing/slavery of men, women and children), and this is just one of many situations facing the modern world.

    We once held the weapons to keep the government from expanding too far, but we've thrown down our courage(and guns) for the illusion of an easy and secure life. Now the cost of cutting our government down to size is growing bloodier by the day, we're too scared to fight them, yet we keep complaining about our precious rights.

    We cannot expect the government to restrain itself, we need to do that.

    To answer this question: Is the government above the law? - Yes it is, however I think this question was more intended as: Should the government be above the law? - No it shouldn't.

  • Yes, I believe that Government is above the law.

    Yes, I believe that Government is above the law. There seems to be a pecking order in the world. Laws are made for our protection and well being. We can not all be equal, because as human beings we need to have certain people in charge making the rules and other people making sure we follow them. Everyone should have a boss, but there comes a point at the top of the tier where someone (Government) has the final say. There are things I am sure I don't know about as far as how the government protects me and deals with foreign issues and safety. In my opinion, if the government needs to do something not approved or known by the rest of us, but it is to protect our way of life, government should be allowed to do it.

  • No fortunately I

    Think you're all dumb not knowing it is under the law. Know one is above the law of course. Go read the constitution and figure this out by yourself. After you go and read the constitution you will probably come back here and change your answer to no. So NO.

  • No, government isn't above the law

    Nobody is above the law. God made the laws the government wasn't created until the 1700's the government makes the man's Laws in which are not Law's if in contradiction of God's Law no one is above God's Law if anyone breaks God's Law will have to be punished as God sees fit.

  • Acts like it is but should not be.

    The US government has clearly lost touch with the constitution and is no longer a government by and for the people. Even when they are grossly wrong they act like they are right. When legitimately sued they ignore court orders that would land the aggrieved party in jail for contempt. Bottom line is they are above the law but they should not be.

    Posted by: Gimp
  • Of course not.

    The government should lead by example and follow the rules set for the people. If the government is not willing to follow the same laws as the rest of us, then those people should not be in power and we should elect people who ARE willing to obey the same laws as the rest of us.

  • No, government isn't above the law

    It would be absolutely hypocritical of a government and its people to say that government is above the law. We all, and I mean all of us, need to be held to the same standards and laws and code of morality. If we're ever to be truly free, this has to become a reality.

  • No It Is Not

    Nobody is above the law; not even the government. The government makes the laws but they still have to abide by them. If a government official breaks the law they will have to suffer the consequences like everyone else would. They are not above the law and they have never been.

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