• Yes government is needed for liberty.

    Yes, I do believe that some type of government is needed for liberty. The government is needed to make sure that the right to liberty is always protected, and there will always be those who try to threaten and take away our right to liberty, at which point the government needs to step in.

  • Government, proper government is the maintainer of liberty.

    If you think of the concept of government then you can see where they are the providers and ensurers of liberty. While dysfunctional people in a government can take away a persons liberties, the actual function of that government is to provide and maintain liberty to all its citizens. Without a government there is no organized body of representatives that will be able to act on behalf of the people to ensure that their liberties are not trampled on by other individuals or organized parties.

  • Government is there to help protect the people of the country and make sure they are getting the rights they are entitled to.

    The government is there to help protect the people of the country and make sure they are getting the rights they are entitled to. Liberty without a government to protect it would be hard to get, let alone keep. The government, even if we do not always agree, is there for the people.

  • Overall, yes, it is

    Many people would have you believe that if there was no government, there would be ultimate freedom for all! Sadly, this isn't so. Government is there to protect the people, actually. If there was no government, women wouldn't have the right to vote, African-Americans wouldn't be able to vote and still be slaves, etc. Government protects us from each other, among other things. So, government is necessary for the freedom of all people.

  • Yes, but limited government.

    I believe that the government does play a role in liberty. For example, they finance the military, which keeps our country safe from foreign enemies. At the same time, it is very important that the power of the government be limited in order to maintain liberty. If the government has too much control over people's lives, liberty is gone.

  • No coercion necessary

    Liberty is a negative right - that is, a natural right whose compliance depends on lack of action against it, not on unprovoked action for it. Therefore, government is not essential for maintaining liberty. Quite the contrary, government more often than not infringes against the needs of those subject to it in its territory, and as a circle cannot be square, a liberty-violator liberty-protector cannot exist.

  • Anarchy and voluntarism is the solution.

    That government is best which governs not at all. We are not free. We are slaves to the state, owned by the sates, and used by the state. Our government is now run by corporations which interests are based on profit and not community wellbeing. That is why we need to abolish current government and start fresh. We have the technology and knowledge to make this world a better place. We can feed everyone and house everyone but it will not happen untill we move away from a profit based society. Peoples attitudes need to change before we can get there, if we can get there before we destroy ourselves.

  • Anarchy is the answer:

    Government is force, so therefore it is not true to the belief in liberty. Are positive rights needed? No, because they are designed to take from one group to give to another. Or just taxing people (which is coercion) into a new "right" (such as the "right" to medical care)

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